Star Wars II !!!

(sten) #1

Hi, I am very happy because a friend of mine
got free cinematickets to use to what ever movie
he liked…so we are gonna see Star Wars II this
weekend at Sunday for free !!! hehe

And we will see it in Swedens biggest
Theatre Royal @ 198 m² , 682 places,
formats: 16, 35 and 70 mm

SDDS, Dolby SR,SRD and DTS sound :slight_smile:

I know there are bigger abroad…
but I love this theatre !!!

wow…what a Sunday !!! :smiley:

/ztonzy :o

(Eric) #2

Hmm, I thinks it’s even the biggest in North of Europe.

and yes, I am envious. :smiley:

(sten) #3

yes, actually I belive so too,
but as I am so nice, I won’t bragg
to much LOL :smiley: :smiley:


ps. btw, check this very cool site :wink:

(Turkey) #4

I’m going to star wars 16th may, I’m realy looking forward to this move, thou I’m not going to see it in a very big cinema :frowning:

(sten) #5

well, the most important is to see it at all !!

hehe I saw the very first Star Wars IV in the 70’s
and after that I ran around the schoolyard
playing Jediknight LOL :smiley:

and that theatre was for certain not as good as
most theatres today :wink:


(Green) #6

The movie was nice.
Dont think it deserves this much hype though.
The plot and dialouge wasnt much to cheer for.
And the continuity errors from the earlier star wars movies just makes you think there is something wrong with the people that wrote the script.

But well. its a summer movie. I dont think anyone that goes to see the movie expects a masterpeice.
So if you ignore the plot and the dialogue you will have a great time :slight_smile:
You will probibly have a great time even if you dont ignore it…
Best of all jar jar gets very little time on screen and if you compare it to ep1 its the best movie ever made.

(Turkey) #7

Are yoy talking about star wars II ???

(Eric) #8

Starwars Episode II a lovestory.

(Green) #9
  1. Yes I am talking about starwars 2.
  2. The love story was there. But not as much as you would expect. Its more of an action movie then a romantic movie.

Just remembered. The clones part of the plot was actually very nice. A fresh wind to the “movie sci-fi thing” that I had not seen before.

(haunt_house) #10

is is as empty as episode one? (according to story and tension?)


(Green) #11

Not really. Its better then ep 1 in every way possible.

The plot is on the same level as most high budget action movies today.

Its a good movie. I just dont think it deserves all this hype :slight_smile:

(Vidigiani) #12

From what I can tell its getting almost as much negative review as positive review… so I guess it has a fair amount of anti-hype :). I am a die-hard fan of the original trilogy, but after reading the dialog for the second episode (And seeing the first episode) I don’t think I will see this one…

Dialog like “You are everything soft and smooth.” and “I am haunted by the kiss you should not have given to me.” just really does not sound intelligent or believable :P.

(Green) #13

Oh believe me the dialog is pure crap.

(S68) #14

Mmmm Ep II will be out on 17 may down here, but I think I can wait at least a week so not to be overwelmed by hundreds of crazy fanatics (like me :slight_smile: )

Nice to hear some critiques though :slight_smile:

May the Force be with Us (we really need It)


(blengine) #15

whoa whoa whoa whoa…when does this movie come out! im so syked to see it that i dont pay attention to the opening date! argh! and i think its this week! wooo!..woo!
the previews on tv dont really do it justice i dont think…there isnt much at all in the previews…but eh…woo!

(LethalSideP) #16

I reckon that Spiderman’s gonna be the REAL film this summer (now if that doesn’t start an argument, what will??)

And as for that theatre complex in Sweden…b***er. I wanna go :frowning:


(Green) #17

spiderman was better then sw
but lotr/fotr was beter then spiderman
and lotr/ttt will be better then lotr/fotr :slight_smile:

(LaWMan) #18

Am I right if I think that you watch the VCD-special-preview very legal versions of the films Green? :wink:
SW II is on at 12 here on Hoyt’s in Adelaide, I’ve got tickets!!!
Can barely wait…, keep on Blendering to calm my exitement

(Vidigiani) #19

Hehe the Lord of the Rings rocks… nothing can touch it :slight_smile: The second one is definately blow away the first if they are true to the books. I do have to say that they did a pretty amazing job of keeping consistent with the first book (though I know some people who were mad that Tom Bombadil wasn’t in the movie :P).

(Green) #20

You would be correct :slight_smile:

I had an argument with another guy that did the trailers that are on swedish tv right now for starwars 2. He got tickets to a showing of the movie that was held a few days ago.
He thought it was the best movie he had ever seen.
I just think its your normal summer blockbuster type of movie.

(and yes I know that watching it in the theater is a much better experience. no need to point that out) :slight_smile: