Star Wars like fan art animation (Death Star scene)

Hi everyone,

I made an animation test a few weeks ago; I did choose the good old Star Wars’ Death Star scene for inspiration.
Then, this is my first fan art, made for training purpose.

I wanted to find how to make it as quick as possible. So it took me around 5 days to complete it.

Modeling is quite simple (planes, boxes, circles, with a lot of extrusions!), so do the materials (metal texture with baked AO and Dirty Vertices); the more the patches variations, the more the realism (I think).

I used Cycles’ Branched Path Tracing for rendering (CPU - my 4Go 770 was unable to handle it); each frame rendered 1440x720 pixels.

For compositing, I started with Blender’s internal compositor, but I got a few problems with Motion Blur pass. So I did it in Blackmagic Fusion.

Hope you will enjoy it! :slight_smile:


How did you extend the model, is it lots of instances? Are they duplis on a base mesh? How about the laser fire is that modelled? Were they composited for the glare?