Star Wars - looking for a team (non-profit)

*Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section, but please hear me through.

Alright, i no i don’t have many posts! But i still use this forum! I just never replied to anything. Seriously, please don’t delete this thread.

Hey Blender artists,

A bunch of people and I are making a short sequel to Star Wars. It is not a commercial movie, it is just for fun and it will be in Vimeo, etc. We are going to be using alot of greenscreen, so therefor we need backgrounds.

I myself have been working on many blender models for the movie (ships, buildings, landscapes, planets, etc) but i was wondering if there was anyone here interested in making some models for the movie. If you do you will be in the movie credits as part of the 3D artists ( you can choose not to if you want).

So, if you are interested please reply to this thread because I’m not aloud to ask you to email me. We already have 8 members!

I will tell you all the scenes that need models, and you can choose which ones you would like to work on. Even if all you are making is a little tree, I need your help, so please give it a try.

This movie is another chance to show-off the greatness of Blender, so why not?

Please join the CG Team for our Star Wars movie!

If you are interested, just post a reply. Or go to the forum

The reason we need your help is because I am not the best at blender. Her is my current work in progress:

That is going to be a Sith Starship in the movie.

That is a jedi starfighter

But believe me, I am getting better everyday. (I do more of the special affects and filming)

Thanks alot,
Peter Siemens

Hey Peter

I’m glad that you used the initiative and are going for this project. I can’t help you
as I am already commited to another project.
But I would wish you all the success in this venture.
However as a passing thought, you may want to advertise your skills upfront.
I’m sure you can do plenty, and can commit to plenty. But your resume will help.
Onwards on now!

EDIT: Please feel free to visit and see what resources you can draw from
this project.

Im one of the people behind this project and if you would like to help us out please visit

Im one of the people behind this project. Please go to if you would like to help out.

come on please post!

You might want to post some concept art, so people could see whether they are interested in doing models in the style you’ve chosen.

Photorealistic backgrounds? Cartoon backgrounds? Alien world backgrounds? Death Star corridor backgrounds? What?

thats all coming soon. We also need people to help with the concept art.

Ok, this is the hardest part. Generally you’re not gonna get anybody to join unless you have a fair bit of solid material to show already. The only people who will respond will be people with little skill and too much ambition(your skillset doesn’t seem bad at all, the kids you’ll attract will likely be worse).

Try your best to produce as much material as possible and then show it off and ask for help. Thats shows you’re willing to put in a lot of work, and that people who join won’t be wasting their time.

And(as a warning), online projects of any sort are extremely hard, there may be times when you’re the only one working for months while other members are busy, or if they lose interest. Onyl start something like this if you feel like you could keep it going on your own.

And last of all, good luck

hmm… I’ve got a high poly (I think) here, I guess it’s my equivalent to the Imperial Star Destroyer. You can use it for concept or decrease count for actual model or something totally free, whatever you want (give me credit obviously:ba:!)

…but since you’re prepared to put so much time in, why would you do a star wars movie, and not your own idea?
IMHO we already have 3 star wars movies too many…

Got a script? Storyboards? Story? anything? sheesh. here we go again.

You’re going to need more than a nice idea and a ship model to get this off the ground. So far all we see are a bunch of friends who want to act in a Star Wars sequel. Maybe they got together over some beers and ad libbed some really funny stuff (but you had to be there, nothing was recorded…)

You got anybody to make costumes? Do makeup? Handle continuity?

Do you own any books on film making, especially shorts?

Good luck.

One of the problems you’ll run into is that anyone whos good enough to help you has probably already got plans of their own for their own project. Learning 3D is a lot of time consuming hard work, most anyone who’s survived long enough to get good at it has probably done so by chasing a dream of their own.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a criticism, just a cold hard fact. Basically you need to be able to show people that your project is already cooler than the one they are working towards (in their estimation not yours) to make them switch over to yours. And by cooler, I mean stuff you’ve already done, not stuff you intend to do.

this won’t help your cause either (just saying)

We do have more than a nice idea and a ship. we are currently working on getting a good copy of the script together so we know exactly what we need. We are trying to get a team ready to go so we can have many of the models ready to go when we are ready to film. A strong team isnt going to come up overnight. Were looking for people who are interested in Star Wars and im sure were not the only ones. If you dont think we can do this then go ahead. That doesnt mean were not going to try. On our own we have the skills and resources it would take to complete this project it would just be harder and take longer. Were looking for a team to speed up the process and make it easier.

That’s great, but you’re trying to fish by expecting the fish to jump into your boat.

Fastforward 81 years and a star wars idealogy has been attained.

Oh nev mind here’s me throwing the towel for my first attempt at stand-up comedy at the script stage. I wanted to make some form of homour with “rewind81” and “fastforward”. If someone finds this funny kindly let this soul know.

Ahhh, kbot… Don’t give up the day job.

Submitted for your consideration. I suggest taking note of the dates.

Thanks… i guess

i could very well help, where help is needed.

like, modeling, or something…