Star Wars Masked Sith

Hey guys, over this last week I decided to start my 7th blender model. I was out at my cabin with my 10.1 inch netbook, and I like to get up much earlier than anyone else. So I would lay there working on this model. After seeing the star wars Hope trailer for “The Old Republic” I was inspired to make my own masked Sith. Without internet, or any reference images ( and a touchpad for a mouse ) it was very difficult. But I managed. Since rendering it became super long I didn’t use any textures on the materials. :o

Now I’m on my home PC and want to finish up the model, it is already fully rigged, fingers and all. But the materials need some work. I am working on this to make a 30 second animated short of a trailer, for this specific model. It also has cloth physics on the outer robe, and having colision with most of the body parts makes baking very long, so I want to get the model all finished up for the animation. So without further delay here it is

Please give some feedback and ways I can improve it, especially the materials.

Alright, since I got alot of comments about it being to dark, I changed the background color and made the light stronger.

Can’t comment, it’s too dark to see anything.

Seriously? I’ve gotten that comment from a few people but I can see it perfectly fine on my netbook, my laptop and both of my PC monitors.

Oh dude he already has a lightsaber, its just that I wanted to flesh out the materials on the character model before I introduced the lightsaber into the scene. But thanks for the tut, thats the one I used. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god halos are terrible, at least that is the way i feel about them, i encourage you do do it through the compositor!
So much easier to do and control!

And I cant see the render either! Waaaay to dark!

I fixed the full body picture, because it was too dark I guess. I still could use some critic on how to make it better.