Star Wars opening crawl script question

(nerddogs) #1

Hello all. I’m not really a python programmer but I have written short scripts for blender like keeping an object above a certain axis and the like but nothing with much detail. I have written complex codes before in different languages. I want to start writing more complex Blender scripts. Anyway a discussion came up at about how easy it would be to make some code where you enter some text in a window and blender will make a text mesh of the words you wrote. What I’m getting at is to have an animation of the opening crawl of Star Wars (you know the letters going off into space) and a script along with it that you could enter different text for the opening crawl. Is this possible? Do you think it would be a good first scriot for me to try? Thanks.

(theeth) #2

Like you said, you’d have to do it in Meshes…

It could be done, but it would need a lot of object definition, define how large are each letters, how are each letters (and characters) build, their height, spacing, that kind of thing.

When that is done, you can just parse a string and create the text object.

I hope that was of some help.