Star Wars Racer in my version

Hi all :slight_smile: i just started my 3d-designer’s way and i wan’t to create my own version of jet or whathever is it from star wars :slight_smile: It is my first model (meaby not first, but first afrer a CUP form some tutorial) and everything was good until now - i have problem with some part of my “engine” i don’t know why but some part is black. I use CTRL n to have normal face and removed dubles… what am i doing wrong ?
I dont use any tutorial to create this only use some tips “how to” :slight_smile: but i think it is not a so bad :slight_smile: ps. of course its only clay render of one part of model without two engines :slight_smile: sory for my english but i think you’ll understand :smiley:

it looks like a transport to me, but i like it. I see the problem, and u already did what I would do so idk srry.

It does look like a normals problem.
The one thing that catches noobies out is that re-calculating normals is only applied to the selected vertices. Make sure that you have selected everything (or at least the funky areas) and then re-calculate.

looks cool :smiley: looks a bit like a cross between Count Dooku’s speeder in Attack of the Clones and a Trade Federation droid-storage-thing from Phantom Menace, so the look works :smiley:

i often had problems with Normals - the above tip should work. I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes using the Recalculate Normals Outside gives other faces the normals problem… in that case I use… just a sec (opens Blender to check)…Ctrl-Shift-N on the new weird faces, which recalculates Inside.
I don’t understand what any of it means though, I just know it works :smiley:

the speeder (or is it a Pod Racer?) is really good :smiley: can’t wait to see the final render :smiley:

Looks good, as mesh weaver said recalculating the normals inside can sometimes do the trick. but remember to only select the vertices with the problem if you are doing that.

Also you might try removing doubles or check for non-manifold faces (<ctrl><alt><shift>m), had me head-scratching for a while with that once.

yeah i miss some vertex and recalc to normal wasn’t work correctly… first model first stupid question :stuck_out_tongue: I make some little progres so if you wan’t tell me what’s wrong :slight_smile: everything what i made i had learned before made somthing so lot of thinks have lot of bug… but i used tutorial only for “how to” not for specific results so i think it is not so bad… :slight_smile: and sory for my english… :slight_smile:

and my texturing and render learning progress :slight_smile:


so i have problem becouse i’ve back to engines and when i apply all layers yafaray wrote to me - stop working… :slight_smile: when i render engines without plane is cool… i have 10 gb free space for temp… 4gb ram… what’s wrong ? -yafaray - yafaray - yafaray + yafaray = photoshop :slight_smile:

i found a way to do full render :slight_smile: i down some other build with integrated yafaray and they did this… i dont know why but did it :slight_smile:
so 3980.07 sec later i have this one… :slight_smile:

so i have question how to reduce the noise on the “chrome” and other shiny material…

If You are intersted :slight_smile: - my first model :slight_smile: enjoy:)

if You have any idea tell me :slight_smile:

so i have problem because i can do it in better resolution - yafaray crashed and used whole 4 gb ram…

You should post this in Finished Projects. great job for a first model.

thanks :slight_smile: i think it is not finished completely :slight_smile: i must repair some little bug :slight_smile: and render in different way / view etc :slight_smile: so in this moment it is not finished :slight_smile: so i post it to show it and maybe somebody tell me what’s wrong :slight_smile: