star wars rigging question

hello blender user just curious has anyone tried and rigged the star wars bb8?

I haven’t - post an image and details of what you want to animate and I may be able to help here!

Cheers, Clock.

Hello clockmender thanks for the response so im interested in trying to have somewhat of a similar rig like this one in the video
however im not good at rigging or understand all the constraints and parenting . i searched youtube for tutorials on rigging but mostly all are human or ball and stretch rigs that doesnt help me that much

Yeah right - Youtube Blender tutorials are a very mixed bag, largely very poor and very little mechanical stuff. So now I know what a BB8 is I can build you a simple rig - tomorrow, it’s late here now.

Later, Clock.

wow that is awesome clockmender!!

There you go - just press Play - you MUST check “Autorun Python Scripts” in User Prefs => File Tab or the Drivers won’t work:

Here’s the blend file: bb8.blend (614 KB)

Any questions, just ask. :yes:

Cheers, Clock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow!!! I just open the blend file man thats awesome

quick question how would i take this rig and put it on the model that i have?

would it be possible to set a constraint where the head can be moved around the curve edges of the body and not get into the mesh?

Yes, just need to scale it in EDIt mode maybe to fit your model. Then “bone” parent your model to the correct bone - Select Mesh, SHIFT-Select required Bone - CTRL+P => “Bone” to bone parent.

Yes, I would need to mod the rig slightly - later after my dinner!

If you are struggling to get the rig onto your model, PM me with your email address and I will make contact that way and you can mail the file to me.

Cheers, Clock.

Actually all you need to do is take the parent off the “rotate-ball” bone so it is not parented to the “locate-head” bone - then the head is moved around the ball using keyframed rotations of the “locate-head” bone and you can then independently keyframe rotations of the “rotate-ball” bone in X or Z to shift the rotation axis of the ball.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks so much for the help Clock!! this weekend ill send you an update hopefully i can get it rigged on my character without no problems but im pretty sure ill have a ton of question and ask for more help. i notice you have a youtube channel any chance on a quick tutorial on how the rig is assemble: the driver, empty, icosphere im looking at the rig and wondering what the heck is going on also if i animate a different path or add more keyframes will it screw up the driver ?

thanks again for this help

Unfortunately I don’t do video tutorials - I ALWAYS get lost with what I am saying and end up swearing. But I do have some tutorials on my website and I could add one there for this - I write the instructions and show pictures for these tutorials.

Ask away with any questions, I am here to help and am very patient… usually!

Cheers, Clock.

hey clock whats going on just got finish with tracking and putting the model inside the scene going to work on the material and texture and than going to add your rig. once again just wanted to say thanks for the help :evilgrin: ill update again when i get further progress