Star Wars Scene


Here’s another one of my projects:

I’ve posted the tie fighter model in this forum before (and I followed the advice about using vector particles for the lasers although they still need some tweaking. What exactly should I do to them? Anyone?)

My friend and I build the AT-ST and I decided to put the entire thing into a desert type scene.

C&C welcome. I realize this is far from finished.

I did a tie fighter a while back and I used subdivided lines w/ halos around them. Try it and play w/ the settings some.

I think that’s what I did on my other model. Except I used DupliFrames not subdividing. Here’s what I got:

Should I do that for this render?

Some small comments:

  1. change the color of the blaster fire coming from the AT-ST to red. For whatever reason, the AT-AT and AT-ST fire red blasters like Alliance spaceships, but all imperial spaceships fire green. Kinda inconcistent but there you have it.

  2. Try using an image map for the TIE fighter panels, instead of the noise texture being employed. The panels should have horizontal lines going through them (horizontal if the wide part of the panel is flat “down”).

It’s coming together nicely so far, good work dude!

Yeah, ur duplivert looks way better than subdividing, use the dupliverts

I agree with AgeLesS. Use the DupliFrames method. Also, if the laser beams are still coming out of the turrets, make a ball of energy where it’s coming out by making the vertices more dense in that area. Other than that, it looks good. Nice models.
Oh yeah, does the TIE fighter in the upper-right corner have turrets? I can’t tell…

Thanks for the comments and critiques, please keep em comming!

Here’s a new rendering with some fixes:

It was done fairly quick although I spent quite a bit of time messing with the particle systems, the dust in the air makes it difficult to get a good looking laser!

NOLA-Jedi: Thanks, I tried to fix both of those although i still have some work to do on the tie fighter’s wing.

DVirus101: Do you know how to make DupliFrames clump? Well, I went a bit overboard with an explosion effect, it’s not very “star warsy” but I’ll fix it soon. Yes, all the tie fighters are the same, I guess the dust obstructs the view maybe.

I decided to keep the static particles for the tie fighter lasers because they are in the backgound and not very important (read: I was lazy and needed to finish a lab report).

Well, how does it look? What changes do you like and do you think I should undo? What further changes should I make?

Nice job Robert. But. Something is wrong with all new instalments (i’m talking about moovie, game ist real joke too) of Trilogy.

All effects all sceneries, characters, just everything is made from cheap plastic. Where is realism??? Where is climate??? It’s moovie for 2~5 year old childs. How LA could do this with such fanthastic idea!!!

The biggest Crap in modern cinematography.

I have to ask my friends from polish sites for help with materials to show you what you did to SW.

Real tragedy.


I’ll show you how it should it look like . It’s SF horror, not plastic toon.