Star Wars Ship

I want to make a star wars ship. I came to a dellema, i don’t know how to add vertices to an already existing shape. I’m not talking about subdividing, just adding verticies. If anybody can help or lead me in a way to create one that would be cool.

If you want to add a vertex between two other vertices, you can simply use the knife tool. Or you can simply use CTRL+left click to add vertices.

How come the grid gets smaller sometimes? Can you change it back?

Forget that last question.

For example i wan’t to add windows and indent or ?outdent? to add texture. So how can you do that, or add shapes onto the figureso that i can manipulate the first object.

I’ve been making the ship, but when i try to go back and click on something, other than what i just got done with it won’t.

Umm, what exactly are you asking about? You have to phrase your questions a bit better and with more detail at least.

I’ll try anyways. Reading your first couple of posts, I’m thinking you want to add extra shapes onto existing object. Two suggestions on making windows.

(1) -You can either create the window and then add it onto the original object. That’ll take a little tweaking to get the vertices correct.
-You could always just parent the window to the ship. Since the window is glass it’ll always reflect differently then the ship, so this would allow you to just add texture only to the window, separate from the ship. (Not the only way though)

(2) Let’s say you see the side of the ship when you press 3. Select the vertices you want the window to be made out of. Press 1 for front view and just move the vertices left or right to indent or outdent. Then you can create windows for your ship.

Lol, if all else fails just refer to a tutorial. Search on google. I remember seeing a really good tutorial on modeling a ship in star trek. You could apply that to star wars ships too.

Jason Lin

Alright i’ll try to explain it better. I want to indent and outdent the surface of my ship. I don’t know how to do this. I thought by adding vertices or something like that i could do this. If this is not how you indent or outdent, please tell me the right way to do so. I’ve tried the new vertices but it dosn’t work i can’t get them to indent.

It sounds to me that for the indent and “outdent” you want to extrude from the added vertices.

Another way to acheive the effect could be through the use of bumpmaps with texturing. Check out, if you haven’t already. It’s a great resource for Star Wars blenderheads.

Yes that site is very interesting, but all i need to do is make indents on my ship, for like the cockpit and so on. I do not have vertices in that area. So how can i create vertices that will conect together to make a shape i want, on the ship, that will indent it?

Dude, sounds like you need to go through some good tutorials. I had all the same q’s, and a few good tutes are all you need. Sounds like these all involve modeling, so go look for some modelling tutes. Like the modelling thread Modron is linked to.

P.S. Check out (I think). They have some downloadable star wars blender models that are pretty awesome. Good to look at and observe their techniques.

OK, assuming there are other vertices defining a rectangle or other shape where you want to indent the window:

  1. select all of these vertices
  2. extrude them in the direction you want to go. This will create brand spanking new vertices connected to the original ones, indented or outdented whichever way you want them.
  3. Scale them down a tad to make the window area slightly smaller than the original area if you want.
  4. Come back and a search on how to apply different materials to different areas of the same mesh.

If there are NOT vertices defining the area currently, look at various subdivide options, such as loop subdivide. Use these to place the freaking vertices wherever you want to, then go back to step 1 above.

And check for some tutorials on modeling.

Note that when you do the extrude you will create, initially, a box. If you’re doing an indent, you’ll want to remove the original face. To do this simply select the vertices surrounding the face to be removed and click XKEY…Faces.

Note that when you do the extrude you will create, initially, a box. If you’re doing an indent, you’ll want to remove the original face. To do this simply select the vertices surrounding the face to be removed and click XKEY…Faces.

Thanks! I knew I’d forget something; I’ve only been blendering for a little over a month. The official site has some VERY good tutorials back up at The tut on modelling Bongo is about a creature, but is an EXCELLENT sub-d moddeling tut that covers issues exactly like what this topic covers.

I just realized a second part of your question involves not just adding the vertices (subdividing) but also CONNECTING them. That would involve adding faces, and I think the F key will be your friend in that case. Select the vertices you need and use the F key to add the face.

And once you have your ship model, do a search on these forums for material indices or indexes. They are how you can add more than one material to a mesh. The materials tuts on the official site are very good but left off info on how to do the materials indices. They’ll come in handy when you want yous windows to llok different from your hull…

omfg…all he wants to know is how to extrude…like make a bevel type thing. right? all you have to do, is choose the vert’s you want to make “outdent” and hit “E” it will say “Extrude?” and you click the things that says “Extrude?” then it will basically make a copy of those vert’s but you can move them anywhere withought screwing up your mesh.

:expressionless: Umm don’t tell me that was his problem. I’m about to run and smack myself into the wall. Lol, seriously though if that was the problem. In the nicest way possible, nothing comes easy in life. In order to avoid possible road blocks and hassles like this extruding problem do as much tutorials as you can to get started. The most important thing to start you off in blender though is to get familiar with the interface and know at least the basic things that’ll allow you to at least model something simple.

Hey one does not have to take this advice (Although I believe some people would agree with me here). Although if you don’t do much tutorials and a lot of learning in the beginning, boy it’s going to be a bumpy road. :stuck_out_tongue: But keep blending, as the saying goes “try, try and try again.”

Jason Lin

Yeah i’ve been doing tutorials all of the time. I knew what extruding was alog with how to do it. But in my model, i would press z or render it and the indents or outdents wouldn’t appear. That was basicly my question, but i was trying to extrude 1 vertex instead of a shape, i guess thats why it didn’t work. Thanks for the help.

Oh yeah, i can’t remember his name and i don’t want to go back, but the guy with the monkey as his picture, he told me to ctrl left click to add vertices, but what is the real purpose of that. It dosn’t show up when i render it.

Single vertices and edges aren’t rendered. Faces are. To create a face, select 4 or 3 vertices that will make up that particular face, and press F-KEY