Star Wars Starfighter

This is a Jedi Starfighter i am working on i would like some feed back. I know it has no textures. I would like some advice about texturing models since i am not very good at that.

The general shape looks good, but it is in desperate need of some kind of smoothing. Subsurf is probably best. Texturing… you’re not quite up to that stage yet, I don’t think. But once you get the basic mesh looking good then we can work on that. Just make sure you have Photoshop or The Gimp, as you’ll need an advanced image manipulation suite (paint would probably work, but it’ll be a lot harder).

I’m planning on modellng one of these for a compositing project too! Nice job so far.

This looks similar to the A-Wing. (I use to play X-Wing vs TieFighter online) Nice work so far, I look forward to seeing it textured

Thanks guys,

I am having trouble smoothing it, and subsurf doesn’t work too well. I thought i would just manualy smooth it and then “Set Smooth”

I wish I could help, but to smooth you may need to add more polys. It becomes a balance of having the right amount. Good Luck with your project - I signed up but my commitment to my other project is just to strong at the moment. Maybe once you have your project and team up in place with more strength - I will be able to contribute some energy towards it!

Subsurf will destroy a model with weak geometry. Each hard edge (one you would want to stay as an edge and not get mulched in the subsurf) should be three edges, having two new edges beside it. This is the sort of thing beveling should be helping you with, although I’ve got another thread running about the current bevels lack of performance at the moment… you may want to insert those edges manually.
It looks like you have a lot of triangles. This can be okay in a hard (non organic) model, although it’s easier to place extra loops into your topology with quads, as new edgeloops come to a halt where they meet a triangle.
Get the topology right and smothing subsurf should work really well.

here is an edited version

I made one that has a completely smooth surface, and one where it is not smooth on the slopes near the cockpit. Tell me which one you think looks better

not completely smooth


It’s looking much better, but I think it would be in your best interest to add some more detail to the geometry. RIght now I don’t think there is quite enough detail to make the functionality of it believable. The shape and design is off to a good start.