Star Wars Stormtrooper

Started work on a Stormtrooper helmet (full figure to follow) due to the excitement I have for the new Star Wars movie. Hopefully I can put together some sort of animation before the new movie comes out. Critiques are most welcome, but I have a decent amount to do still on the helmet.


Awesome work! Have any wires to share?

More progress. Re-topology done on the helmet. Geometry is not perfect, but I’m going to move on to other parts of the armor now. Another render and a wireframe as requested.

The new stormtroopers have tear troughs. Look at the first trailer.

I like the quality of your “old” Stormtrooper helmet. I have to agree blenderjunkie, the new one looks different.

You can find a good reference in this video by Tested:

Sorry for the confusion. This is supposed to be the old stormtrooper design. Maybe when I am done with this one I will work on the newer version. Anyway, more progress. Made the chest and back plates as well as the shoulder bells.

A few more pieces of armor. Didn’t add any detail on the abdominal plate yet. I’m switching gears and trying to make a decent human base mesh now because the one I was using to shape the armor was so bad that I purposefully left it out of the renders. Anyway…

Working on a base mesh (generic male) that I’ll use to finish modeling the stormtrooper armor. Critiques are most welcome.

More progress on the armor. Made some leg and arm pieces. Have the shoes, hand plates, and all the asymmetric pieces to make still.

You should make a female version. I haven’t seen a female storm trooper.

More Progress. Modeled the shoes and hand plates (not visible). Just trying to refine shapes and add details now. Texturing next and rigging if I can figure out how to do that.

Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper? :smiley:

Looking good! :smiley: