Star Wars Stormtrooper

Hello everybody that is reading this thread. I’m new to blender artists, and I am just starting to understand all the tools that the blender program offers. I have had the program for a while, but I have tried to learn along the way with videos that have been posted online, so the learning process has been slow. This image that I’m posting, is my first ever hard body project that I have done on my own, and I thought that anyone that wanted to use it as a wallpaper or just to see my art, is welcome to do so.
I learned how to do this type of model through the tutorial posed on youtube by CG geek’s Darth Vader tutorial. (Which by the way, his tutorials are great. Keep it up!) This stormtrooper uses some of the same tools to pull off the same awesome look that he does through his Darth Vader project.

Hope all of you enjoy the render! :cool:


welcome! nice render.