Star wars: The force unleashed, Havok + Euphoria + DMM equals true next gen immersion

Not only is Havok used, but Euphoria AI and Digital Molecular Matter all communicating with each other makes for some insane gameplay and super advanced AI.

The way the environment sways and breaks and the way stormtroopers hang on to things and leap out of the way proves that this game will take gaming to the next level, for the first time there’s object destruction with no prebuilt destruct objects created and an AI that uses no manual animation, but animation that’s done from the software and not by the artists.:eek:

One Word:


One word:


One word:


Crysis has nothing on this although when you look deeply at it, DMM is not all that.

How so?

Off topic: Dre’auron (my Dragon) is in my avatar now, figured he’d be better then his earlier incarnations.:yes:

I also find Crysis sort of overrated. Looks like a great game (AI seems a little poor), Graphics rock, but some people act like it’ll always be the best. Have you seen Endorphin? It is incredible, the animation to physics blending is perfect. They are also using it in the new “Indiana Jones” game, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

It was presented as manually breaking things into chunks but it’s really just the same as what they say it isn’t: manually broken apart chunks of things. It’s difficult to explain.

I dont know much about euphoria but from the video it looks like the phantom menace game with the garry’s mod physics gun, the physics engine that basically every game uses now, and not even that great of graphics compared to what’s been coming out

DMM stuff seems kind of cool but whether or not it’s necessary is a good question, lol

There’s a lot of work been put into it.

Looks great, here’s hoping it won’t turn out crap though. Can’t wait till they use euphoria in NFL games or maybe they already do lol but that would be cool. Then I could possible have 6 people tackle someone… maybe not. I am kinda out of the loop with all the new games…

Too bad Lucasarts is moving away from the PC platform… Used to be all they did were PC games, now it seems like more and more they are only developing for the stand alone consoles… Why can’t they keep their loyal PC customers happy?

It’s going to be on the PSP too - release April 01, 2008 in the US. Wish they’d picked a better date though.

The physics reminds me of Psi-Ops the Mindgate Conspiracy. Except there you also get pyrokinesis, mind control, mind drain, remote view and aura view.

I’ve always liked the Star Wars games but after a while, it gets a bit repetitive. When your powers are up, you just throw enemies off bridges and the game gets a bit easy.

I’ll be excited once I see actual people playing the game, not these tech demo’s. How many times have we been promised this or that and found it not to be as great as it sounded. Yeah, Crysis looked pretty, but to me, it played like every other FPS I’ve ever played.

I think it looks cool. I mean, as a tech demo it’s sweet, but I’ve always wanted a Star Wars game where i could just destroy stuff with the force. I’ve been waiting for this game since i was a kid :stuck_out_tongue:

But it doesn’t suprise me that LA is moving to consoles. There’s more money to be made. It costs a little more to make a console game, but it pays so much better, especially in the long run, that it’s no wonder that so many devs are moving from the PC. The PC fans are really the ones at fault, tho it’s not entirely their fault. I mean, you can’t really fault PC gamers for wanting more intelligent and more in-depth games. But then you CAN blame them for bitching about everything and demanding prolonged support and updates of a game. I dunno how the poor bastards at Valve stay sane with the barrels of BS they must have to deal with from the fans of their games.