Star Wars Tribute Games Character

Nice work man. I just love how the character looks. :slight_smile:

Excellent model and workflow.

Is there - besides that you probably know the workflow better in blender - any other advantage to do the retopo, uv and baking in blender instead also in z-brush like the rest?

@materxion1001… Agreed!
@Dizzyman572… Thanks. Nice to see you hang out here…:slight_smile:
@Jake Rupert…thank you… I do know the workflow in Zbrush but I prefer how you do it in Blender. A few comparisons…zbrush UV layout is quite different but it is growing on me… but you don’t have the same control over the unwrapping as you have in Blender. This is quite important for game models, especially if you might want to do some hand painting afterwards. It can be done though…and there are some cool new workflow videos at zbrush central that shows a process for Game models.

For Retopology I love the shrinkwrap tool. Zbrush has about 3 or 4 different option for retopo…but hey… No shrinkwrap tool…:slight_smile:

The baking… I was actually ready to export all my low poly bits and bake them in Zbrush… but It kept distorting my bake when taken all the way down to my lowest Polly. I found this happened because the low polly was sooo much lower in geometry than my sculpt and I had to move areas of the mesh for it to bake properly… Will still keep at it though… Because if I do this in Zbrush I can also bake some of the matcaps.I did find a workaround to bake them going to Blender first…but it is a long process and ended up just using the cavity bake as explained in an earlier post! Hope that explains it a bit!

@ Shakedown… Hey thanks for the detailed explain… that sounds really cool… I"m going to have to give that try I have some ‘light saber’ type animations planed in the future this just might be the ticket I’ve been looking for to simplify the ‘glow’ effects for this… thanks alot… Keep up the good work.!!!:yes::eyebrowlift::yes:

ooba ooba jabba jabba ooba jabba like very much.


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@norvman… No probs… Glad it helps
@swaschan…lol… Made my day!

haha, very nice modelling!
Personally, I don’t know head to tail what zBrush is. I guess it’s paid.
*Fires up uTorrent.


And oh, do add me on Skype. BFS is looking for (organic? idk) modellers.
10 Imperial Credits to you if you guess my skype username.

endi you praise zbrush? traitor!

shakedown really nice work!

Nice character, realy amazing

wow, very good jobs! :slight_smile: Well done!

Awesome professional job! Great use of every available texture space; tons of detail.

thank you for going so in depth with your process, this looks great.

That looks awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge Star Wars nerd.
Great job on this character. :slight_smile:

It looks great and congratulations on coming in 2nd place.

It’s nice seeing fresh art in the SW universe