Star Wars VII Trailer Scene remake

(Scott Graham) #1

Hey, made this very quick today when i saw the new Star wars trailer…
It’s made by a screenshot from the reference in 0:33min:

Free download will follow, but it’s a very simple scene…

(Scott Graham) #2

Here is the blendswap link, but it’s silly stupid simple :wink:

(randomperson42) #3

Nice work.

(James Candy) #4

Terrific work, Scott! The funny thing is, I just woke up > hopped onto YouTube and saw the new trailer > hopped onto Blender Artists and saw this new image! Very fast work, indeed! You did a great job recreating the shot from the film, and thanks for posting the Blend as well!

By the way, the dust in the air is a nice touch!

(Scott Graham) #5

Thanks guys! It’s very simple an lack of details, but when I saw the trailer I was like -> HAVE TO DO THIS, the new X-wing was too hard with just one reference shot^^ Dust is only Photoshop, next time I will do it with blender :wink:

(ShadowCamero) #6

Very nice! At first I though the photo was the reference. :slight_smile: Great job!

(gerobak3d.kw5) #7

nice render
May The Force be with you :slight_smile:

(Scott Graham) #8

And again thank you! Yeah hope so gerobak :wink:

(The.Jack) #9

Nice one. Good work

(Arimit Studios) #10

The force is strong in this one. Great job in a record time!