Star Wars VII !?!?

No, this has nothing to do (directly) with Lucasfilms. While I was messing around with Windows Movie Maker (WMM), I discovered that it has a customisable opening title sequence, Star Wars style. So I just elaborated from there, and came up with this really short and really low-res animation.

While it loads on your computer (it’s 5MB in size so be patient :stuck_out_tongue: ), here’s a teaser:

Opening titles & credits done in WMM, The rest is Blender. For Earth, I followed a planet tutorial somewhere here (can’t remember); the Death Star is a simple 2D plane with a Targa image I picked off the net.

And since this involves WMM, I’ve posted this in the off-topic forums as well. :smiley:

I’m guessing the video is in wmv format, so on my mac I can’t play it, but the image is certainly nice.

Keep in mind that in this scene most of the light in the scene would be coming from the planet itself, reflecting the sun, so you’d want to adjust the lights accordingly. Then again, the Star Wars SFX guys never did proper lighting in space. ^-^;

Incidentally, SW7 would, I think, be based on Heir to the Empire from Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Since Lucas isn’t making any more, if fans came together and produced that one as an animated movie I think it’d be sweet.

Wow. 135 views, half of which probably didn’t have the patience (or didn’t bother) to view the video. And the only person who replies is one who could not view the video due to operating platform restrictions.

I have a bad feeling about this… :wink:

Just goes to show that my little video badly needs improvement. I’ve decided to do some real reference now, like watching an actual Star Wars opening sequence, more realistic lighting, and of course, a codec that’s better than WMV. Too bad it’s the only format supported by the darned WMM. :<

well the website won’t let me download the film… it buffers it and then plays. it means i see about 1 second at a time every 30 seconds… really not worth it.

if it were a downloadable movie file 9or you could provide the direct link) then i would watch it and reply.


I would like to see you continue the new
starwars movie.Nothing wrong with
what you got so far.

just so you know, if VII - IX are ever made, (which I believe they will be, an directed by Lucas, he denied before wanting to make them, but really, lucas is star wars, and I think as he gets older, he will realize he needs to finish his legacy)

Anyways, VII - IX are supposed to deal with Luke Skywalker wanting to destroy the dark side one and for all, but finding to destroy it, he must turn to it and destroy it from within, and of course, no one comes back from turning to the dark side, so the drama would be the question, “is he the one?”, and of course the answer would be yes, because no one would finish a trilogy of trilogies with a bad ending.

I watched the clip… not much to say. Nice planet, pretty lame writing, not much excitement to the scene (I expected a couple of newfangled tie fighters to go whizzing past the camera - along with the typically SW cheesy audio) and the font on the text-scroll is the wrong type and too big. Also, you could have done it all (eg: the scrolling text, too) in blender. I’d say it has lots of potential… where’re you taking it next?

Frankly, I feel like deleting it off Putfile until I’ve reworked it. I watched Star Wars the other day and I was going like “oh no, it’s all wrong!”

Spacecraft whizzing past - can do, but I don’t plan to take the story any further from here. It’s just a pitch that I hope would inspire some people to continue. As mzungu pointed out, I am a bad writer. :smiley: