Star Wars...

Hey all, I’ve just been watching some of the old and new Star Wars these last few days, and while I do enjoy the new ones for all their special effects, I felt that in a way, after you’ve seen them, going on to watch the old ones (meaning IV, V and VII) I got the feeling that the 2 worlds represented in the two trilogies are rather incongruous with each other…

It’s mainly the fact that the battles in the new new trilogy are so huge and epic, that when you go on to watch the old trilogy, directly after the new one, you find that all the battles look rather silly, because in the first 3 episodes there were so many more ships and fighters that it doesn’t make sense that the most you ever see are like 4 Star Destroyers, or 4 Walkers on the surface of Hoth when they attack the rebels… Like in Episode IV, only 30 fighters go up against the death star… and the death star isn’t even accompanied by any star destroyers. Don’t get me wrong, it was all very cool on its own, but in the context of the First Three episodes, it just doesn’t make sense anymore…

I like both sets of trilogies in their own way. I even think the old trilogy was much ‘better’ than the new one, but I do realise now how completely unrealistic the action of the old movies was. Of course they had no choice back then, and what they pulled of was amazing. It’s just that after seeing how its done in the new ones, it takes away (for me) a lot of the magic of the original trilogy. Of course, the new movies rely heavily on effects and action. Also I dislike the actors that they chose to play Anakin - both the young one and the adolescent one. I don’t think either of them were very good actors.

Anyway, I’m by no means a fanatic about Star Wars, but it’s just interesting to me, since I had the urge to watch the movies these last few days. It’s a pity I haven’t enjoyed the experience so much because of the discrepancies between the two trilogies. Wondering what you guys think of it all.

Yeah, its best if you watch them in the order they were made, the same problem applies for the lightsabre duels aswell.

imo its like theres a part of the story missing from the middle… :frowning:

honestly if in Ep. III it had shown massive destruction of fleets on both sides, with the death star emerging as something like the super weapon that survived with a much smaller fleet and victory for the Empire, I’d believe it more.

you know: the war cost both sides almost everything, and the post-ep III period was then characterized by sturdier, smaller fleets and such. idk, just some thoughts.

Dont forget that when the empire became supressive and its populace realised what the emperor had done, almost the entire fleet was based around its hundreds of planets to keep law an order and enforce the empire. So they were pretty streched and didn’t have many ships to spare.
As explanation to the rebellian small force, it had to be built without the empire detecting it, so the opperation was kept small and underground, with out any kind of significant financing.

Good enough explanation for me, now you just have to figure out why you can hear sound in StarWars space. :wink:

the force dude. connects everything…so sound travels thru it!

jk, i just thought of that. :wink:

I agree that there is some disconnect between the two sets of movies, though I don’t find the original trilogy lacking for having fewer ships or battles on a smaller scale. I prefer the non-space battles of the original trilogy also. I have heard (though I don’t know if it’s true) that the lightsaber fighting was based on a type of traditional Japanese sword fighting. In the original trilogy, stormtroopers seem stronger (as they should) and Jedi more human (as they should).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the flashy effects of the newer trilogy, but all in all I prefer the old ones. As for space battles, with new CG techniques there’s no question that the new ones are superior.

I think this is why George Lucas worked at all the cg on the re-release that occurred before the ep1 showing - he saw that there were areas that needed to tie the two together and tried to do it. And added that they scanned in the films that were decaying at that point and freshened the color back to the same or better than before was a work of love mostly.

iirc the reason why lucas started with the ep.4 was that he had licensed the thing already and didn’t want the end to be f***ed up by someone else in the future… :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhh, that would be cool bur the reason he gave on all those behind the scenes clips and interviews was that he knew he couldn’t pull off the scenery and landscapes/technology that would make up the actual republic, so he started in the middle after rewriting the characters several times over - like making Luke Starkiller instead of Skywalker at first…
I spent too much of my childhood reading the comics and poring over too many magazine articles.
I love the rerelease fo ep4 except for Han Solo shooting second to Greedo - shoulda left it a cold kill, imo.