Star Wars

Haven’t posted anything in a while. Just working on a video at work with star wars clips, here’s some pics of work in progress.

looks quite good :slight_smile:

but one thing, the texture of the planet looks too sharp. I mean, how far away are we? Aren’t there clouds, atmospheric distortions and so on? :wink:

I did have a cloud layer but it went screwy in 2.46 - 7. I think when the camera is panning and there is some blur on the different objects, the sharpness won’t be such an issue. You’re right it does need a cloud layer though.

It looks great… but fake. I can’t put my finger on it, but even though your stuff looks exactly like the real stuff, they look fake. Your stuff LOOKS modeled.

The engine glow is letting the images down a fair bit.

On the Imperial SD, it’s a mainly white glow that fades to blue, even the SSD has a brighter orange centre that fades to red.

Agree on the planet looking ‘sharp’.

Also - lighting looks a bit off. Too much light for a space scene I think. Not sure on how well the lighting angle lines up to the planets vs. the craft. Also, check the planet in the pic on that page - complete shadow on one side. Not enough ‘ambient light’ to light the dark side of the planet. We wouldn’t really get ‘night’ without that anyway. :slight_smile:

Good stuff though, just hints on how to improve the images.

make it fuzzier. thats something i noticed in movies: rarely ever is every line and object separated sharply, the pixels tend to blend over just a bit.

Looks AWESOME, but you can improve the glow effect and it would be perfect. If they’re halos, increase the “add” effect. Else, increase some red and green.

That’s no moon!

nice work dude

Nice Imperial Star destroyer

Really good lighting, what did you use for reference?

Hi Guys
I was looking at this image and there was just somthing not right with it. i think that the ships are all to brightly lit. if you have a look at the star wars movies, all of the ships are in shadow but the planets are lit brightly.
Anyway great work.