Star Wars!!

Hey, again! For those Star Wars fans, like myself, I thought it’d be a good idea to start a topic about it!

So… What is your favorite Star Wars movie?:confused:

Easy! The Star Wars Holiday Special. There’s a great youtube vid of Harrison Ford looking rather uncomfortable when the host starts talking about it. I never watched to two wookie films.

Of the original 6? Return of the Jedi.

Toss up between empire strikes back and revenge of the sith. Return could have been in the mix as well but the bloody ewoks ruin it for me. revenge is slighting in front for me because of the Anakin versus Obi dual, Jesus those guys are fast(watch a making of video to truly understand) I used to love the vader verus luke dual in empire but it looks deadly slow compared to the Revenge dual.

there was a rumour on gfx talk i think, of him re releasing them in 3d, and then using the funds from that to create 3 more films. this was denied by lucasfilms, but then aparently the previous 3 were denied too. im not a starwars fan at all. loved it as a kid but grew out of it.

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Yeah, that one is and will ever be classic :slight_smile:

haha! I might have to check out the Holiday Special. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt Star Wars in 3d will be much greater just because there’s really nothing that’ll pop out at you. Well…maybe a couple tie-fighters.


T-h-e “Star Wars” Movie. (Otherwise known as “Episode IV.”)

T-h-e original cut … which I still happen to have on (what you lookin’ at, young punk?) VHS, and (LP-sized) videodisc.

I was there. Then. (The Rest Of You, sorry, Missed It.)

As laughable as such a thing might seem today … that movie is memorable because nothing remotely like it had ever been seen before; because, nothing remotely like it had ever been technically possible before. (You can see the very brief green-line [Tektronix] graphics in the final-briefing sequence to understand the state of the art of “computer graphics” at that time.)

They made a very good movie … a damn good yarn … and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think they ever came close to it again; nor could they. (The) Star Wars movie was a product of its time. The hundreds of movies that came after it, all surpassed it technically (as they were meant to do), but every one of them … Followed.

well, the original three are definitely my faves. in order, I think it’d be Empire/Return in first, Return/Empire in second, and the original in close third…but I could also mix that order up and it wouldn’t make a difference, really :wink:

as for the three prequels, they aren’t my favourites, but I kinda like them. they have some great sequences, great saber-fights…and Yoda kinda looks weird in Phantom, which is always fun to see :stuck_out_tongue: Digital Yoda in Revenge looks kinda awesome, but I still prefer the puppet

that’s definitely true. I think I’ve watched that making-of on the DVD over 20 times by now…and they’re really that fast :eek: the final saber fight in Phantom is also kinda amazing (some great stuff by the on-screen actor playing Darth Maul…the voice-actor didn’t get to do much though, Maul doesn’t have that many lines in the movie, haha)

edit - there’s one thing I especially like about the Star Wars films though - DVD Bonuses! :smiley:

I just saw the return of the jedi yesterday (for the thousanth time)It was terrible, no offence. I really like the empire stricks back, Star wars a new hope and the reveng of the sith.

The prequels, to me, don’t even seem to be the same kind of movies. I enjoy them, but in an entirely different way. I can’t really watch them for the story, because what little story there is doesn’t really make any sense. I can really only enjoy them for their nice visuals and for “ironic” appreciation of their horribly executed storylines and dialogue.

The originals, in contrast, have likable characters and storylines that actually make sense, so I can enjoy them more as films than as glorified screensavers. Of these I think it’s a toss-up between Star Wars (or Episode 4 or whatever you’re supposed to call it) and Empire Strikes Back, probably with Star Wars coming out on top because it lacks those tediously long scenes with Yoda. Return of the Jedi is brought down a few pegs in my book because of the horrible, horrible stuff with Jabba (forty minutes of movie time completely wasted!) and the offensive nonsense of the Ewoks. This is a shame, because Vader’s death is really quite nice. (And as you’ve probably guessed, I view the Special Editions as a crime against art for which George Lucas should be made to pay.)

I actually like the Yoda scenes - shows a whole other side to the Jedi training, not just the awesome lightsaber dueling and acrobatics :wink:

but I kinda agree about the Jabba section being a bit too long (especially that music sequence shudder) could’ve put some other stuff in, like more scenes with the Alliance…and some more epic space-battle shots :yes:

…how come everybody hate the Ewoks, though? :confused: haha, I for one like those bits - like when they manage to destroy the advanced technology of the Empire with more “primitive” methods such as slings, catapults, smashing an AT-ST with logs, making another trip over some more logs…

edit - funny thing is, I think the Special Edition is the only one I ever watched in VHS form… have them on DVD now though, and I watched the original theatrical versions. different from the ones I’m used to seeing, but just as awesome.

re-edit - while the thought is still in my head, how about a quick question for all of you?

what was/is your favourite ship in the series?

mine’s always been the Millenium and the X-Wing (big surprise there, right? :rolleyes:)

The new ‘remastered edition’ sucks! I don’t see why Lucas even bothered to have:

  1. Han not shoot first.

  2. Replace the original ghost of Vader with Christensen

what was/is your favourite ship in the series?

I have to say Millenium Falcon, with Slave I close behind. :smiley:

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It’s not that I mind the content of the Yoda scenes, they’re just too long. And Luke is too whiny in some of them. If we must have scenes with little relevance to the story, they should have something more interesting to look at than Luke standing on his head. There’s just not much of a plot to what happens there, and so whenever those scenes come up it feels like you’re being denied any story for as long as they run.

The main problem I have with Ewoks is that they’re cobbled together from stereotypes about “savage natives.” Try to eat the heroes? Check. Make them think you’re gods? Check. Primitive culture? Check. Not very smart? Check. Tribal celebrations? Check. “Noble savage”? Check. Acceptable to force them to participate in your own affairs? Check.
We’ve seen these things before, and just because they’re being applied to teddy-bear-like creatures doesn’t make them inoffensive.
Also, though the irony of having the Empire defeated with sticks and rocks is nice, I do find it rather hard to believe that the Empire is so ill-equipped. They set up a base here knowing that the Ewoks existed, and never once considered what to do in the event that they attacked? And anyway, they’ve got an armada above the planet… couldn’t they have just sent down a ship and firebombed the forest at the first sign of trouble? (Is the generator not fireproof either? If so, that’s stupid too.)

In any case, here’s my personal rough conception of how Return of the Jedi should have been structured:

  1. The rebels stage some sort of attack on the Empire with massive losses. Luke is captured.
  2. The main cast, sans Luke, realize that there’s only one person who can save the day: Han.
  3. Extensive Han Solo rescue operation, very little of which is at Chez Jabba.
  4. Han Solo is saved! He helps them fly the successful attack while the same Luke/Vader/Emperor stuff from the “real” movie takes place.
  5. Movie ends with Vader’s pyre and not with an incredibly stupid celebration sequence.

hmm…good point about the Ewoks, they do seem kinda stereotypical :frowning:

that end celebration sequence always got on my nerves a bit…much like that singing sequence at Jabba’s Palace :no:

@Hughes017 - I know, why replace the original Force-ghost? I mean, I don’t think I would’ve minded if Hayden Christensen (never know how to pronounce his name) had actually gotten it right, but he didn’t, really… it doesn’t fit in :expressionless: he just looks out of place…

about the ships, I’d forgotten about the Slave I…I think I prefer it’s Attack of the Clones look though. we don’t actually see that much of it in the originals…but it’s a cool-looking ship, that’s for sure :smiley:

Despite people not really liking Ewoks, they made two extra films centred around them.

While the later 3 aren’t as good as the original, for me the worst bit (aside from Jar Jar) was killing off Qui Gon Jinn so early. The interplay between Qui Gon and Obi-Wan was far better and more entertaining than the interplay between Obi-Wan and Anakin (who I found almost as annoying as Jar Jar). Also, Qui Gon is meant to be one of the strongest of the Jedi’s yet he is slain so easily.

They set up a base here knowing that the Ewoks existed, and never once considered what to do in the event that they attacked? And anyway, they’ve got an armada above the planet… couldn’t they have just sent down a ship and firebombed the forest at the first sign of trouble? (Is the generator not fireproof either? If so, that’s stupid too.)

Perhaps the Empire believed all those stereotypes about natives and figured that into thinking that they couldn’t possibly be defeated by the Ewoks, finding out later that they were able to put together primitive technology in such a way to destroy advanced fighting machines, maybe they weren’t so dumb (and perhaps even smart and clever) in that case. :slight_smile:

I’m not defending the combining of all possible stereotypes by any means, sure in such a case Lucas could’ve been more sensitive on how he did the Ewok culture.

Yeah, but if the Empire was believing those stereotypes, shouldn’t they have been familiar with the concept of “the natives are restless”? (And anyway, they should have ensured that their weapons/vehicles/structures could stand against being hit with sticks and rocks… why was it all so flimsy?)

'cause they were miniatures :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!