Starbound Drones.

Hello all, I have spend a good day and a hold working on this… majority of it tweaking the cycles engine then the lighting. The rest mostly playing around with Emitters and trying to get the shield to break properly… Anyway I gave up on that idea and decided to make it a scene. This is what I got.

very intersting render and idea @talsment… but im kind of confused about whats going on. in the forwardmost tank thing, there is a big plastic-like thing around it. whats that? also, all the tank things are different sizes and reflect way to much red in my opinion. maybe make the sky red too. also, there is a person standing on the hill, who is he?
i like the mood though. :slight_smile:
another thing i dont understand is that all the drones in the back have their launchers pointed straight up???
i think you should add some more detail too. it looks like a cartoon to me. i think you should add some grooves and so on to the tank treads.
very intersesting concept though…

Thank you for a few ideas and suggestions. The ‘tank’ things are Drones off Starbound, The blue thing (which I will work on) Is meant to be the shield they use when preparing a attack onto a player. The cannon also rotates down when it does this. Different sizes they are not, just placed further away. I was unable to get depth of field working correctly so I had to make do with some blur. The guy standing on top is a USCM unit. Pretty simple thing, doesn’t have proper limbs or a face. Just a silhouette of a man.

ahhh now i understand! its modeled off a video game called starbound, i guess. thanks! the USCM unit is a cool idea i think! you dont have to make a face or anything.
thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

So, after working on it for the day. I have made some updates. Texturing still pending for the ground and drones.

good one talsment! the tank treads make it look so much better and the rocks help give a sense of scale :)! the shield is also very cool and the terrain looks much better :D!
nice one! ;);):wink: