Starboys - random characters

Stars, close up.

Just a quicky, with Yafray, and then glow done in post.

Cute. Two things: they’re kind of hard to see, so brighten it up a bit. And the cones look like they were just slapped onto the side of the head, so try reshaping the base of the cone so it looks like it’s part of the head.


Could have been my words.

The darkness appears to be a difference between my machine at home and every other computer on the planet.

Yeah, at my office it’s too dark as well.

btw, the “joins” are deliberate, it just didn’t mould right if it was seamless from the cones into the head.

Pretty good, but of course the cones attaching to the head was already mentioned, but also it looks as if the foot is kind of flat. Most likely the other one, too, but can’t see it because its dark.

So attach the cones, fatten the feet, and lighten it up a bit.

Yep, it could be a great work !

but you have to calibrate your screen…