Starbucks Frappuccino WIP

Starbucks Frappuccino WIP
Here is a new project of mine- A Starbucks Frappuccino. I LOVE ZEM. Kinda addicted. I have one every morning. Here is the bottle part. Just in the beginning stage. I need help smoothing out the bottle and making the middle curves rounder. I also had texture problems. When I textured the rectangle the bottle is sitting on, it also texture the background walls. HELP??? :spin:

OH wait a second. After I started to make this post I figured out the wood tex problem but I still have the others.!

Thanks for your help!

add a subsurf to it and smooth it out… =)

also i think you might have to much light…but i suck at lighting…so idk it could be just me

Try using a 3 spot light soft shadow because its to much light and some of the bottom normals look like the need to be flip try using ctrl+n in edit mode

also, on lighting, position them where you think they would be in real life .
also, try not to get that much glare - that’s too much lighting (turn down the emit a few/use different lamp settings (eg: spots))

i don’t have blender in front of me right now, but from what i remember, the button is in the “edit” panel over to the left to turn on “show smooth” rather than “show solid” or something to that effect. that will turn off your edges there and smooth everything out.

OK so when I subsurf it, I go to object mode on the cylinder, then go to object options and add constraint. Then I select subsurf, and all hell breaks loose. I tried to do a preview and blender DIED. More help please??

did you aply the subsurf??(thats a big no no)…but when it comes out like a cylinder. go into edit mode and select all of it and hit Shift E and then just make it how you like it…

Lol Awk34 I started working on my own Frapp. Check out the other post labeled Frappuccino.

What’s up with that extremely high-poly section in the middle!? Seems uneccessary…

p.s.-nice wood texture

I need help with that high ply area at the rim. Whenever I select vertices and merge them, the whole thing goes to the center of the glass, and IT’S ANNOYING. I need help figuring out how to merge the rings but keep one ring at the end/

You can’t merge edgeloops, so just select an edgeloop with Alt+RMB and [x]–>Edge Loop.

Noobish question-- what is RMB?

RMB : Rejoice Merry Blenderhead!
Oups, no, it’s Right Mouse Button!

Take care.

OH thanks thats kinda obvious. It shows you how much of a newbie I am.

I made a new render!

Vertices - 100,580
Faces - 194,566
Render Quality - 50%
Render Time - 31 mins 6 secs
Renderer - Blender Internal

I think I have all of the key names down
ya know, stuff like that.

Have you ever set smoothed? It’s necessary for a model like this. 194K Faces?! I can’t imagine how many faces you would have in a complicated model. My frapp is only 4k faces, no subsurf.

You could start texturing after a bit more work, looking good!

This is a very simple model, and it shouldn’t be more than a few hundred faces at the most, until you turn subsurf on. And even then, it shouldn’t be more than 2k or so. And you need to set smooth.

Could you give us a wireframe view?

I think I’m just gonna start over…

Well, I started over on the bottle. I kept the older one in another layer just for reference. This time, no subsurfing, and a set smooth from the beginning, so now IT IS SMOOTH!!!

Hmm, floating cap and high specularity. NO NO NO!

Well, there you have it.