Starcourt Mall

My first proper modelling/lighting/texturing project. Haven’t begun texturing yet but would love some feedback on the modelling & lighting. IMO atm the lighting doesn’t look very photorealistic and I’d like to try improve that but also I’ve been looking at this so much now I might be missing other things I can improve that I can’t see but others can so I’d love some feedback if you have any thanks.

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Hello. Nice modeling. If you are working with a reference image you can go from there to match the lighting. I found this:

The first thing I would tell you is to increase the power of the neon lights, especially the blue ones (increase it until you see that the ground has the color of the light, as in the ref). The bloom effect is something you can do in post so don’t worry about it


Second thing, I think the yellow lights at the entrance don’t work, I guess you’re using mesh lights there too(I ask because mesh lights emit light in all directions, not like those ref lights which are more directional), you can try add area lights below those meshes (first reduce the emission of the mesh so it doesn’t affect the environment), in cycles there is a spread option in the lights properties panel that you can modify between 90 degrees or less to get the directional effect.

By the way, about the neon lights:

Thanks for the feedback mate. I’m using point lights for the entrance area, this is my first time trying out lighting so just went with what looked right at the time but I’ll definitely try out what you suggested for both neon and the entrance lights cheers.