starcraft 2 banshee

my own interpretation of the banshee from Starcraft. Comments, critiques welcomed.

its a very nice looking model. i’v never seen starcraft so i cant comment on accuracy, but nice all the same :slight_smile:

wow it’s beautiful lol sadly i had never try playing starcraft…woop i’m going back to modeling tutorial.

Extremely well made.
One thing though: The third image has fog and it’s wet and low contrast, the ship in that one stands out because it doesn’t.

just some more renders.

nice banshee, i used to play SC2 but got bored. I think for the full scene renders where you have the banshee and the cityscape. You need to make the blades spin for the banshee, it looks like its “still” and not moving at all. Adding the spin will make it more realistic.