Starcraft FPS

I am going to start an FPS project in honor of StarCraft II. It will be a conversion of the Terran campain from the old StarCraft vanilla. I want to avoid any major overhauls, and so I want to make sure I am heading in the right direction as I start. Here is an overview of the plan so far and my concerns with various elements.

Start Up Screen

I want to code a decent start menu in Python, but I am unfamiliar with it. Can this be done, and are there any examples/tuts?

Maps and “Doodads”

I want to make my maps very similar to the original game, except obviously from a different perspective. When designing maps, what kind of poly count should I shoot for and how can I avoid cluttering up the physics engine?

AI Units

I want to create the full cast of SC villanry, from the fierce Zergling to the mighty Ultralord. I would also like to have friendly squad units with basic following AIs and maybe some squad commands. I would like to have twenty or so total units in view(peak) with lots of legs and bones. If that is not reasonable, I suppose I could be happy with 8. If I drop freindlies 4 or 5 would be ok, but that would make me sad :(.
Which unit count is best in line with Blender Game Engine’s abilities and what kind of poly/bone count should I plan for in my models?


I hear that textures slow down frame rate more than anything, and they seem much more difficult than in a render. Are there some available(I.E. the ever elusive blender mat library)? Will I be able to just UV everything and if so what size img’s should I use?


I would really like the flash of the marine’s guass rifle to light up dark rooms and make cool shadows like in the cinimatics, but I know lighting can be rather limited. What are my options here?


Fire is good. As long as you can tell it’s supposed to be fire, I’m fine with it, to be quite honest, but how are particles in BGE?


Can I play pre-rendered movies in the game engine(either inside a mission or after completion like in the RTS)?


I honestly know nothing about sound in Blender. Ignoring sound would leave me with a hollow gaming experiance, though so what is there to know about adding sound to a game?

So wacha think? And where should I start?

you should start with something very basic to try the gameplay. I mean boxes moving to try if the game is fun or cool or not and what you have to start working; Modeling is something easy to learn and to redone but code can give you some headaches. My advice is to always start with the concept like you did about what you want to do an then start with gameplay, what kind of weapon it will use ? how I’ll make them work. And then when you gameplay is done finishing the game is just a matter of time.