Starcraft Marine

Yesterday i started working on the most kickass underapreciated unit in starcraft,the Marine.

Open GL render,hands not yet done

Finished model render

First test of the rig

Basic salute

Rock and roll

The visor is also animateable but there is no head inside yet,also there are no textures nor decals,i will add them in time. Please tell me what you think

Looking good. Are you thinking of smoothing it? Also, fingers could be improved…

Lol, i like the rock and roll one :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean exactly by smootihing it?

Subsurf and the likes. Otherwise the hands IMO deff need some work :slight_smile:

Some areas need refinement. Even for gaming purposes, the chest buttons, or the knee caps could have some more polys. Could you post a wireframe shot?

as requested: (i haven’t done any work on it yet,i was not home)

Ok, based on the wireframes, here are some tips:

  1. avoid the triangles (for rendering or gaming purposes they can produce akward results and don’t smooth the model ver well) so keep your mesh with quads
  2. the chest area: definetely those tubes need more faces, subdividing them to the double won’t be a bad idea
  3. the shoulders are modeled with half spheres, resulting in triangles and high poly count which is unnecessary in that area

Hope this helps.

thanks,i will get to it

So how is this?
I’m thinking next to sculpt some detail on a higher res version and do bumps

edit: a bonus