Stardew Valley Fanart - Leah

Hello everybody ! :smiley:
I hope you’re all having a nice week-end, today I’d like to present you my recent work which is a fanart of Leah, a character from the videogame Stardew Valley, created by Eric Barones (ConcernedApe).
I’ve been touched by both the characters and the universe of the game so I naturally wanted to create something out of it !

This project was a huge challenge as I’m not comfortable with the character creation process, especially in the face creation workflow (I happened to create humans before, but not with a face, so it was a first time for me). The whole body and face are rigged and every object is subdivision-ready. I learnt a lot in the rigging process with IKs and controllers.

One of the big challenge was to create a full 3D character out of limited Pixel-art 2D references, directly picked from the game, but It happens to be very interesting considering there’s room for imagination and design.

I worked approximately 1 month and a half for the whole project and felt like it was time to call it finished, even though you guys with sharp eyes will probably notice mistakes there and there, I think I reached my limits… For now. I’m happy with the result though, by taking into account it’s the first 3D face I created.

The project was done using Blender 2.83 for the majority of the work, there was some ZBrush sculpt, Substance Painter has been used for texturing, and post-processing was done in Adobe Photoshop.
Rendered in Cycles at 3000 samples, with various resolutions, up to 3200x3840.

I invite you to take a look at the Artstation project for more renders (AO pass, Wireframe views)

Have a nice week-end ! :grinning:

Leah portrait render

Leah other render

Leah another render

And here were my references, directly picked from the game


You did a great job! Love it!

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Thank you @Daf57 , I’m glad you like it ! It’s the first time I model a full human body and I greatly appreciate your feedback ! :slight_smile:

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She should be holding some Goat Cheese and Wine hehe. Great work tho :sunny:

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Haha right, a slimy, sticky goat cheese :smile: Thank you for your comment !

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