Starfighter 49 Episode Two

Hugh Aurora faces danger on a crazy orange planet.

  • Hodges

Episode One:

You could have had the bugs coming from a far to add suspense.

This guy reminds me of every space captian from 1960s sci-fi televison. If that’s what you were attempting, it does come across. He also reminds me a little of Zap Brannigan from Futurama.

Ha! Made me smile more than once. Good sense of humor going there…keep it up.

Cool story, and pretty amusing script.

The lighting on the chief could use some work.

The animation in general was very stiff. There’s a lot of choppy movement, and lots of time with no movement.

Although there were some times at the beginning that looked pretty good. Some of the nuanced movements of him holding the hot dog showed great promise.

Try some more body movements when the characters are talking–that could add some life to them.

Sometimes just subtle movements in almost every bone can really make a difference.

Check out the 12 Principles of Animation from Disney.

In spite of that, I think this is a cool project. I’d like to see more of it.