Hi all!

This is my latest personal project. I decided to put together all skills learned this far to design and model my own Star Wars Starfighter. So I present to you the “Incom P-26 HeavyLancer StarFighter”. The design is based on an old broken LAAT model kit I owned. I envisioned the P-26 Starfighter to be heavily armed and incredibly fast to perform hit and run attacks on Star Destroyers and Imperial fortifications, but most pilots complain its maneuverable as a brick.

Front View

Back View

Bottom View

I’ve also posted it on my ArtStation along with two more renders.

I hope you like it! May the Force be with you!

Since I cant seem to post more than 3 images in a single post I thought to double post to add the two remaining renders, I hope that’s OK. In any case here are the renders!

Red Squadron Advancing!

Jump to Hyperspace!

May the force be with you!