Stargate Iris

I wanted to add something similar to the iris you might see in stargate or something like this:

I can get the pieces to fit together, but I don’t know where the axis of rotation has to be. I have tried dozens of possibilities using circles and octagon as guides for the blades, but their rotation was always off. Anyone have any ideas?

look up camera iris that should give you some ideas

I found this old one. It is made with shape keys. I did not remember that. I try objects and rotation drivers if I did it again. I know I have a older one with drivers I will look for. but the shape key has a different look.

lens.blend (431 KB)
here it is. It was along time ago.lens 3.blend (535 KB)

As heddheld said. This might help, it is a circle with dupliverts.

iris2.blend (321 KB)

Here´s a Test i did last week or so. You can control the blades with the empty by rotating the Z-axe. Have fun…

I like iris 2 with dupliverts easy to set up.

Thanks guys. After the first reply, I looked at the iris on camera’s and noticed that my understanding was flawed, I thought the blades ran along the sides of each other. After thinking about it I released they had to overlap. Here is just a small test animation I did:

Does anyone know why in my blend and the Blades blend above, if I try to parent the blades to anything, they stop working?

The empty is rotated that way. I think want to make the rotation of the blades at right angles to the world. How do I say it divisible by 90 and rotate on axis or change the space settings on the constraint.