Stargate--need help

Hey all…new project and learning as I go. First attempt at something that is halfway entertaining to look at.

Would like to add chevron glow and event horizon effects but dont know how.

Advice? Thx!

You could always composite some in with a glow node

As said some glow would probably do it. Event Horizon? Do you mean the Stargate series, there’s nothing like this in Event Horizon [I’d know, I’ve watched it many, many - over a dozen or two - times]. The “core” in the Event Horizon movie is entirely different.

Will give the glow node at try as suggested. The event horizon is the back-lit pool looking surface that forms within the stargate when active…not sure how to achieve that. thinking maybe a circular plane with a displace modifier, maybe some translucency/transparency…or maybe a fluid sim. don’t know what to try yet but still playing around with it. However, if you have suggestions I would be glad to here them.


Well, I started working on the event horizon thing first and came up with something passable using ocean mod. and wave mod. Looks nice when animated. Will go back and try the glow node for the chevrons…maybe try to backlight them somehow.

Any suggestions on how best to do that would be appreciated!

Thanks again!

The easiest way to add some glow to the chevrons is to add to the “Emit” property for their material (better if there are separate textures for the metal casing of the chevrons and their orange “glowing” parts).
As for a better glow, I would recommend to try out Cycles renderer. It requires some times to get used to the node material “building”, but the result is quite worth it. Could mix the diffuse and emission nodes for the materials and add some “Glare” in the Compositor for the post-processing.

XArgon, thanks! Unfortunately I am only dealing with a single texture image mapped to the chevron itself, not two separate textures. Also, I would like to keep the model usable for animation as well so I am trying point lights for the back lighting of the chevrons. However, the compositor method sounds like the better way of doing it. I don’t know much about the compositor (I’m still learning blender) but from what I’ve seen it is intended for use only with still images. Is that correct? Even if that is the case, I may still play around with it and see if I can get some good renders using the compositor/nodes…then if I can work up the courage, I might try cycles. :slight_smile:

From what I have now, I’ve added the point lights but noticed some weird artifacts that pop up with the chevron textures. Any idea what might be causing this and what to do about it?

Thanks all for your help and suggestions!

this whole thread should probably be moved to the WIP thread…

I don’t know much about the compositor (I’m still learning blender) but from what I’ve seen it is intended for use only with still images. Is that correct?

Everything is rendered as a still image, only when rendering animations there are many images instead of just one - that’s the only difference. :wink:

Frankly, I didn’t try using nodes with Blender default renderer. Most of my rendering experience is with Cycles. :slight_smile:

As for the chevron glow, having just one texture shouldn’t be a problem if you use a lightmap to add the glow. I’ve only used lightmaps in 3DS Max before, but I’m sure you can find some Blender tutorials online. Try this, looks like that’s it:

I’ve added the point lights but noticed some weird artifacts that pop up with the chevron textures.

Are you referring to the diagonal lines on the surfaces (that appear because of the polygon not being strictly planar) or the bright white strokes? (not sure why they appeared, but that has something to do with the point lights behind them, it seems)

Okay…trying cycles and really liking it. However, the more I’ve worked with it, the more I was dissatisfied with the chevrons for the gate and decided I needed to remodel the chevrons altogether. So far, here are the results. Please ignore the lack of texture on the gate…that will come later. Comments and critiques welcomed and appreciated…

Okay…here is my latest work on this project. Comments and critiques are welcome. Besides a background/setting (I plan on putting this in the SGC gate room) how can I improve on this? Thanks!

Looking good. The blue water thingy could be brighter though. You could place an invisible lightdisc behind it.

Agreed, the event horizon emitted light in the show, I would add some emit value in on it as well. Maybe controlled by a cloud texture so it isn’t uniform. Also I’d lower the intensity of the glow on the chevrons, in the show the milky-way gates had red chevrons, yours are so bright they look yellow.
Finally for an added realism effect try applying the gate symbol texture as a normal map to give the light a much more realistic surface reflection.

I agree. The event horizon needs to emit light and the chevrons need to have less glow and more reddish color. I have really struggled with getting the event horizon to emit light. Even with the “invisible disc” behind it, the result was really disappointing…just a circular smear that blurred the rippled effect I was trying to achieve. Best success was actually lighting it from the front with an invisible cone so I could focus the light on the center. It lightened it but it still needs to emit light…will work on that.

As far as applying the gate symbol textures as a normal map, I’m going to have to learn how to do that first…I’m still in the process of learning blender…kinda a noob. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the advice. Keep it coming…it helps!

Hey all…made some progress on this gate. Forgive the poor quality render but C&C on general composition, elements, or anything else would be appreciated!

Thanks very much!