Stargate-SG1 WIP (DIVX5,

Another WIP for my Stargate movie

Cool walk, nice model,

chest is rigid, and maybe to square. Arms are thin and short,

Scene suffers too much from compression artifacts

Keep it up!!!


Here, without compression.


now I want to see the stargate effect :stuck_out_tongue:


Which one is better?? the upper one is with radiosity.

i can’t tell which one is better they are both so different.

do you have the shadow settings on for them all i feel that the shadows arn’t there for either of them.
the bottom one is just to dark (the textures i mean)

and the bump mapping is to harsh

i prefer the colouring of the top one more.
but nit the texturing of it

and i’m unsure about the comparison between them both.

the stargate water effect should be fun and easy with the wave effects.

but the opening and closing of the stargate will be hard.

i hate to say it but the stargate is a bit small, or the guy is a bit big… and the gate is too close to the wall but its not that important good to see some SG-1 stuff on here keep it upo, when we gonna see that guys head… lol

where are really good tutorials on ripple effects?

I’m making my own stargate and I’m not going to post until I get the gate opened effect… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve tried but I’m not having any luck on me own so maybe someone knows something i don’t

e-mail me at ‘[email protected] subject:ripple tutorials’ if ya know of any good ones.

or if ya know how i can do it just post it here I’m sure anyone interested in making it would be glad to know!


Yes, I am very interrested in making this effect :wink:

I try it and if i get something cool, i will post it here.

its not hard… you ever tryed making water??? just make a circle (or a plane) extrude and scale down to give it a middle… then just subdevide 2-3 times then subdevide fractal 2-3 times smooth 2 times subsurf smooth, then add a water tex bobs your monkey you have a stargate… then if u think it looks a little too unrealistic. maybe duplicate the open gate extrude back the origional so it has some depth make a new tex for the duplicated gate effect and make it really high transp it will make it shine… or at least i think that would work
i might make my own gate… how about a gate making compatition? :smiley:

This could be used to create the effect you are going for:

Yeah, nice idea to make a compatition :wink:

ec2, wow, that tutorial is great. The picture look very great. i just made this with the bit i wrote before the chevrons look a bit cack but nm lol

:o WONDERFUL! It feels like I could walk through…Can you try it with radisosity? I wonder what the natural lighting would look like with the portal behind it.

This is the stargate font. Not like on the gate, just a,b,c,d,e…
Not bad the gate for the beginning.

thanx for the letters i was wondering how i would get the chevrons to look right lol… iv tryed using particles to get the look of the gate openining it works to an extent but its really fiddly… i have to work a bit more on the chevrons and the environment its self but i think soon im gonna make a char to stand infront of the gate… maybe and asguard i might make everything including the window to the command room and animate a sort of trip back through the gate as in from when u first arrive through the gate and sort of walking down the ramp and out the door…what you think.? oh and thanx for giving me the idea i think SG-1 is a great topic to model i might try to make a gould mother ship… or a staff… or something lol btw when we gonna get to see ur anim im looking forward to that its looking great

I hope this works… if it does then I’m going to post the image of all the chevrons on here too… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the Stargate that I’ve been working on for a long, long, long, long, long time!

It also has quite a bit that I have to do with it… it’s so not finished yet

But there’s the gate open too… I used 2 circle things with waves… with stucci… and the nor thingy… can’t remember wut it is.

I’m going to do more with the Opened Gate Effect. Add a bluish light and make it… shiny?

What ya’ll think? :smiley:

Here are all of the chevrons for both the Stargate and the DHD.


you know we should work together on something… we all seem to be pretty good… maybe an anim or something…

BTW nice gate


-work on something eh? … hmm … sounds fun… but what?