Stargate-SG1 WIP

gr8hamster: What do you think on what we should work??? lol, perhaps a stargate movie ? :wink:

Nice idea. We are 3 persons, who like stargate. That can be a nice project. Perhaps a 10-15 Minutes long Stargate-short-movie. Is anybody from you able to make sounds? and have a microfon? I do not have one and my english isn t the best ;-). I can make the voice for person from another planet… :wink:

Second thing is, that my characters faces and lib synchron speaking isn t very well…

well i cant model chars at all but i can model anything you want that is man made dhds SGs i might try a staff or a death glder. basically anything not people lol oh and if you want a cool effect on your stargate then put a spot in themiddle of the gatre shine it straight out put halo on it make the spot size bigger put cloud halo on it light blue /dark blue colouration gives a great effect (dont forget to do iton the back too :D)

a first iris test :wink:

I am for the next 5 days not online, cu all.

Beautiful work man!!!

The portal looks a bit dangerious tho, i mean it looks as tho it took that guyz head off… :wink:

I definatly look forward to when you have the animation of the iris with the textured watery effect of the portal. Its looking great so far!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

:-? DUH! i knew that lol I meant as in what would be happening in the movie! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m finally online again!

My computer it not the greatest… i did a test run with my gate and for 10 frames it took about 20 minutes!!
I do have a microphone, but the quality isn’t the greatest that comes out on it.
I like the iris though!!
I have never tried lip synching or modeling people. Never needed to…

So what shall we do?

hey that show’s my favorite!

Please complete it cuz I cannot wait until I can see it in animation… completely made in Blender!! :smiley: HHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY! :smiley:

for some reason it is also my favorite and i’m rather angry now because i missed half of a new episode because they didn’t advertise that there was a new season starting agian

very annoyed could someone fill me in

its the first episode of the new series that daniel jackson is not in.
about some type of gate opening in the atmosphere. i only saw the last 15min.

Bit off topic really.

if you need someone to do the opening effect with all of the water coming out i think i could help.

(i just want to feel a part of somthing)

PM me if you want to make a movie and have me help.

does anyone know where i can find videos of the gou’ald? Specifically the ones from the movie? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I know star gate quite well and my english is pretty good soi could do some voices. the iris in that vid seems to come out too much. it i actually a bit thinner. I will have a go at it.

Here are 2 new WIPs. My old Stargate room was just a small environment for the character. Here is the first real gateroom.

Wow pretty cool! I really like the detail and the gate!:slight_smile:
your character (even if they dont have head ;)) are nice!

P.S.:I am making a full movie using blender called The Exodus, we need character modeller so maybe you could help us…check my signature if you want to help us!:slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I think you all know, why my character have no head :wink: I am not be able to make good heads ;-(

There is another test. Not the finished head. I have to work on it.

X-warrior, ok, maybe i can help you with characters for your film.