Stargate sg1

I’m a big fan of Stargate SG1 … so i make this scene for a tribute …:smiley:


very nice, great detail, hope I’ll see it textured :wink:

Just out of personal curiosity…do you model in specific measurements, or do you use the Blender units? I’m just starting out with modeling…and my temptation is to get really specific about measurements. Some of my early experiments, though…seem to produce a problem where the objects are ridiculously small compared to the size of the camera…or the default depth of field…

I guess I’ll look forward to figuring it out…but I’m always curious about what other people are doing to solve the measurement question.

how many verts for the gate?
seen one before and it was close over 1 Mverts!

keep up nice work

happy cycles

i start with circle with 59 segments … and after i’ll add details in scuplting

dans quel partie de Mtl es tu


Est station beaugrand


i’ll try to find my old gate model
do you mind if i show it here!

happy cycles

Nope , show me :yes:

here is the basic dialing adress on the outside
but never had time to complete the whole !
one day i might complete
but is it a complicated model
wish you good luck

happy bl

i did a lot of the models for star gate altlantis
like the chair , E2PZ ect…

cant wait to see what you come up with


i used blender unit but the measurement depend of the main wall … and after that i positioned the camera and model the other object depending of the walls … i could used the meter measurement also .

i think you must used the scuplting multiresolution for symbols because there will many vertices if you use the edit mode for make the symbols .
but it looks good … good luck and thanks

you could use dynamic sculpting
will use less verts

but you could also model it by hand with subsurf
the symbols are not that complicated !

so there is more the one way to do it

happy bl

nice work melendez! I abandoned my gate project a while back out of frustration so I know how challenging it can be. For the glyph/addresses you could also use a glyph image with a displace modifier. If you have enough subdivision on your surfaces it works well and can be a little quicker than hand modeling the symbols.

Keep it up!