Stargate Ship Daedalus

Dear Blender Specialist,

I’m a guy from Holland and dicovered Blender 2.53.
Love the software and everything i found in the forums here.
Now i’m building the Starship Daedalus from my favorite show Stargate.

Here’s what i did so far, but i need to tell you that my laptop is not the best machine to work on, so i dont know if the work that i have done is good.

Thats the point where i’m calling for youre expertise to look to my work so far.
I found in a forum a First Person Template from Darcol (many thanks for that) that i have use.

These are the things that i dont like in what i have build so far.
When i’m walking through the bridge that i have build, i see many glitches in the walls etc.
And is there a way to walk and push a button to open a door.

I hope there’s some body who can help me to build a replica of the Starship Daedalus.

Thanx guys, and i love the things that i have learned here.

ps. sorry for the bad english, i’m from Holland
the file is 11.8 mb, so i have put it here,

i like star gate too and i did a Jumper 3 months ago for the fun of it

good beginning but far from completed !

why is there so much vertices over 13 X E6 ?

what are theses little white spots that we see in front of ship?

keep up the good work should be very nice when completed

happy 2.5

Hey Ricky,

If you can help me too remove the white points, please.
I just begin whith Blender, so i will doo a lot things not the good way.


i wold suggest not to do the UV mapping right now
cause that takes a lot of space in Mbyte so this is why the 13 MB in size
and this also cause some slow down in blender
so it will work much faster to model
texturing can be done when eveything has the proper shapa and model is finish

now do only the modelling for all objects make certain the topology is minimum and
don’t use subsurf higher then 2

that way it will still render relatively fast and make it easier to teture afterward

so for the time being i would be appropriate to open open another file and there remove all the UV map then continue to work on other modelling objects needed to complete the whole ship

hope it helps
happy 2.5

do you happen to ahve any drawings for this ship
cause i did not find any good drawing or high res pictures for this !

happy 2.5

i have 65 mb off picture’s from the outside and the inside of the Daedalus.
i have made them from screenshots from the original serie and some from the internet
if you like i can zip them

is there a easy way to get the texture out of my project?

i have make a zip file, but it is stil 50mb.

yes in 2.5 you can a copy of your file to save the original

then go to the UV editor and in the toll panel there are list of filename you select on file

erase / delete
Shift-click on the X, the image will be gone after you save and re-open the file.
X unlinks the datablock from the object.
Shift+X deletes the datablock from the blend file after save.

this should get rid of the UV map files

hope it helps

Sorry but it i dont see what you mean.
if i open a new file and press shift f1 then i see the texture map, but i can not delete it.
is there a easy way to delete that map?

already thanx for youre help

i have made a F-302 too.


first thing i guess would be to add some appropriate names to all the objects
so easier to find and recognised things

i can see only UV map on the console on main deck

but still not certain why you end up with 13 E6 vertices ?
you ahve to select the object with UV map then go to the UV editor
where you’ll see all the files involved and be able to delete theses if necessary

also make one object with your grids instead of 100 objects
you can join theses to make one object or use an array to make a grid


Hey Ricky,

Do you know a way to put material/coler at both side of a object?


use the mirror modifier

it will be automatically done!


here’s a good youtube movie to take some screen shots


don’t think i would have the patience of doing 1000 details like that

it’s also going to be a huge mesh unless you can get a UV map for this!


i have one, its 290.000 ve and 324.000 fa
but it is for from done, but if you like you can help me with it


can you show pic

i might be able to help a little but no promise

that ship is cool but very complicated
don’t know if it can be totaly done in blender
and being able to work with i mean not to get over 5 000 000 vertices!
plus all UV map if any

unless you simply bake UV map with bumps the details then it might be more manageable i guess

it’s gone be very big i think


here are some pics


are you trrying to model it as real 3D model for all details
or may be as i suggested to do a high res model then Bake bump map to apply on the model that way it should take a minimum of space and be faster to work with

happy 2.5

i dont know what i will do.
i will love to make a good detailed model.
but i also would like to play with athor people in it, if that would be possible?