Stargate: Special Forces (Fan-Movie)

I produce for a time a Stargate Fan Film called Special Forces in East Germany and still looking for VFX Artists for the Eventhorizon and Kawoosh Effect (RealFlow), Particel Effects for the Space (Krakatoa) and much more,
The film will be a length of approximately 25 minutes, 17 minutes exestiert already finished cut material.
In May 2014, the fan film from a large Puplikum on the Fedcon ( will be presented.

There are about 100 shots for all VFX effects.
I film with 2 cameras: Sony AX2000E (MPEG4 AVCHD) Canon 60D (MOV) 1080p 25p.
The deadline is May 2014 by then everything has to be done.

As written, it is a fan film project and it is privately produced.
There are no gains achieved with the film, the work can not be paid.
Because all rights are held by the Stargate production company MGM.
A movie premiere will be at the Fedcon, before very many people from all over the world.
Thereafter, the film will be released publicly for all on Youtube and Vimeo.
As a thank you for the help, you may when the film is completed, the material used for a reel and your contact information will be watching the movie.
I myself lead the whole project and facing the camera. But mainly I am working on the camera work.

The later film will be in English and German language.
An English teaser is almost done.

About the film
After the Special Forces teammembers got to know each other in a first meeting, they start after a short briefing to a foreign world mission. A Goa’uld spy who was implanted into a SGC worker flees through the Stargate to a Goa’uld planet which no SG team ever had explored.
Since no other team is available, Special Forces moves out to stop the Goa’uld by any means neccesary because he has vital securityinformation which could endanger the earth. There is a great risk that Special Forces won’t return because they don’t now who or what is waiting on the other side. As expected, there will be a fight to death which lasts until the end. The enemy knows the planet inside out and uses this advantage to fight the SG team.
Will Special Forces succeed in hunting down the spy? Stay tuned because we can already tell you, that the end will be very unexpected with lots of adrenaline until the last second. So look forward to a fan film of a special kind.

Greeting Will Armstrong