Stargate Template WIP

This is my version on fps Template.

This is WIP Template…

My and cthames work
1.script for camera move
My work
2.weapon script
3.stargate script
4.weapon texture
5.stargate model
6.weapon P 90 model

Not my work
1.Script Anim5 in 1
2.stargate texture
3.hands (from far cry)

blend file for 2.43 version

dhd wip

use right mouse button to control the adress

Looks very “pro”. Nice work.
I guess that it works a bit weird in 2.44?!

I know thisa question was asked before…but how do you convert a .rar to a .blend?

is not convert it’s compress, you have to use winrar

anyway johando nice job. you should fix the orientation because I didn’t realise that I switch position.

I’d suggest using nothing at all instead of the “hands from far cry” Just a matter of using things you have permission to use. Do a search for hands in the ge section look for a post started by Plantperson. I’ve post a link to a model with some low poly hands that need to be skinned; you’re more than welcome to snag them.

edit: here it was

My mouse look script. Cool. I noticed you made minor changes to it. One thing you might want to put back in is the code to stop it from jerking the first time the mouse is moved.

Other than that, nice job. Stargate looks good. I like the way it dials out. Very nice.

 # Get the mouse movement 
def mouseMove():             x = mouse.getXPosition() - gameWidth/2  
y = mouse.getYPosition() - gameHeight/2    
# First time mouse look will 'jerk'
# Don't want that
if hasattr(GameLogic, 'init') == False:
[INDENT] x = 0
 y = 0
 GameLogic.init = True
[/INDENT]return (x, y)


i can’t believe they canceled the alliance!!! That game looked like it was getting pretty far!
but it seems you will make it?

I must kill my friend (who helped me) because he help my with this part and send me this code
:(… Im realy sorry I didn’t know that…
But I’m not bad in python, and I’m understand how this script work


I now going to make realistic DHD for control the gate

Hey Johando,

Don’t be sorry. I’m pleased people are using it. Use it all you want. Change it all you want. That’s why I posted it on the web.

just something i noticed but if you turn the mouse to fast you can see where the end of the arm model ends

Looks awesome,love the whole gate warp thing!You could be walking on thin ice with the whole stargate trademark stuff but im not sure.Are you going to make a full game?

dhd panel

So this doesn’t work in 2.44? I dial and press the red button on the DHD but nothing happens… nice texture on the gate, though the chevrons are a bit mis-proportioned.

can I ask how does your script work ?
can you explain how you limit the mouse movement.

Can you post it in a .blend file please?

Great work, Johando!

Looks cool, old thread though. I didnt see it back in August. Any recent development or has this game died?

I hope to make my stargate game sometime in the next few years, just got a lot to learn first.

His last post was in December. I don’t think he is an active member anymore.