Stargate Universe fans we need your help

ok so we are trying to organize a fan made SGU season 3, as of right now we have a few pll on script writing, me and one other person making models and a few pll trying out to be voice actors. we really need more people to help out with animations modeling and texture making. We are really trying hard to organize this, it was such a shame how they ended the series and we think the audience should be able to finish up the story.

our website:

our facebook page:

sounds like a pretty ambitious project
how big is the team right now?

as of right now its just me and one other modeler, we have a few writers and pll applying to help with the writing but we havent gotten any modelers or animators or textures so thats why i posted it here. o and as of right now i have gotten Patrick Gilmore (volker) to tweet about us and Peter Kelamis (brody) to like us.

also if you can think of any where else i could post this to get some more modelers and such on board plz tell me where or just go there and post about us :slight_smile:

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Yeah, It was pretty sad that it was cancelled. It really was the only show I’d liked on the air except for Doctor Who. I’m interested with what you are trying to do. I’d might be able to help. What you are trying to do seems quite large, and I really don’t know how much motivation you have. If I am correct, it is going to be all cg… and approximately how long will each episode be? I don’t know how much I can help, If I do help, because I have only been using Blender for 10 months now.

I was thinking of making my own short film with many individualist ideas from Firefly,
but I’ll hold off a few months to see where this is heading…

Here, you keep talking and I’ll keep considering.

ok well yes it is a big project and it would take a while but we are hoping to cut down on that time by getting more people on board. yes you are correct it is all cg so at no point will you actually have to meet with anyone working on this. we are hoping to make each episode about 20 min(for now, still up for debate). and addressing the fact that uve only been using blender for 10 months i dont really think that matters, we only have 2 modelers right now(one being me and i am by no means an expert) and we need all the help we can get with this. if you have anything else you want to ask plz post here and tell any of ur friends who u think might want to help because like i said we need more pll :slight_smile:

One of the things I’m not quite sure about is the voice acting… I cannot provide you with any of that. I might be able to help with writing, concept art, modeling, animation, and textures. How good of quality are you wanting for the season. Somewhat photorealistic… anime… pixar cars type of graphics?

no worries about voice acting, we are going to get other pll to do that, and if u want to help with writing u can but u dont have to we have a few pll working on writing. as for the quality, we want it to be as realistic as possible without causing massive render times :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m scared about the render times. What program(s) are you using for modeling and animation?

right now me and the other guy are using blender for modeling but i think we should render and animate in something else kuz blender isnt to good with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, it was a great show…

Thank God! For one reason, I know Blender and I’d like to see it being used more and more. With using an external renderer, are you shooting for quality over time or vice versa.

I think that Blender will be sufficient for animation, but that’s just my opinion.

i kindof want a balnace between render time and quailty, sure i dont want the models to be so low poly that staring at it makes your eyes hurt, but i also dont want it so detail that it takes so long to render. and as for blender for animation, it can be done but it kinda lags more and takes more time then other programs, i tried rendering a model of the destiny ive been working on in blender and with no textures it takes about 8 min, i tried the same thing in cinema 4d and it took 3 min. im just saying that blender is easy to use but for me its not to good with renders( given i dont have the best computer)

Sorry, but when I meant animation I wasn’t refering to rendering… The computer I’m using at the moment (which I sometimes use Blender on) is under Blender’s minimal requirements! I also have an okay computer which I usually use and I can use a very good gaming computer when I need it. I’m highly considering doing it. I might join the team tomorrow…

To tell you the truth, I can’t see this season going to far, but I’d really like to help anyway.

cool just head over to the site and sign up, there is a recruitment tab so head there

How does MGM respond to this, even though you’re not doing anything wrong and not making a profit…

we have been trying to get in touch with them about this but havent had any luck yet, we will keep trying though

May I suggest that you put “fan made” or something of that matter in the name of the season and website so there’s no confusion on anyone’s part. I’ll join the website tomorrow when I have the chance.

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