Part of a project I am working on. I think I may set this up so that it appears as a space based jump gate with a large battle cruiser of some description passing through it. Not terrible true to the tv series in that respect but I think it might work out okay.

All thought and comments are most welcome. Thanks for looking.

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Looking good, only suggestion is texturing. Add in some aged look to them as they are old. However if you are putting in space then as the flying Tesla in space has shown, no dust or weathering really happens in space so not sure what an ancient Stargate would look like after that long in space.

Let me respectfully point out that there actually is something called “space weathering” – search this term on Wikipedia as a starting point. It’s not like typical weathering on Earth, and occurs over longer time, as may be the case for a Stargate or interstellar travel (below light speed).

The stargates are a bit different in the movies/series so it works just fine as it is but you ask for oppinions so here comes mine =D.
I think you should make the ring with the signs larger by making the outer, more decorative, line thinner.
Two reasons why

  1. The sign ring important and needs to be more visibe.
  2. The point of the V shape should cover the signs more so it’s obvious they are part of the function and not just a decorative part.

Thanks, FlyingBanana. I’m not sure either as to how an old gate would look if it had been in space for a very long time. I think I will go with two versions, one with dirt and dust on it and one that has no visible signs of ageing.

Thanks for the comments, Maqea. Two very good points there. I will check out some more reference images and then see if I can alter the thickness of the decorative ring.