After watching the show, “Stargate: SG1”, I was inspired to model my own Stargate. After about 6 hours, this is the result. Still lots to do, a few more details and texture tweaking. I’m also planning on modeling the gate room to go along with it.
Comments and Critiiques welcome. :slight_smile:


Would look good as a wheel on some huge steampunk vehicle :wink:

  1. pofo


Very nice detail level.


wow dude amazing as always!

now you’ve got the organic AND the mechanical down, no1 can stop you. Can’t wait to it finished! =D

Very nice details btw, and still more you say?? woo!

Ohhh! Great work! The dirty textures remind me of Quake 2…

did you model every single shevron

or did you cheat somehow!!!

by copying or bump mapping them???

wow great work

i think that the SG-1 team has got it all wrong its not a gate to other worlds that it was ment to be.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Beautiful work man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice work. No crits here. Just want to see more now!


yep, great work. Did you paint all the textures yourself? And as alltaken asked: did you model every of those signs? :o

looks very good.

cya henrik

here is my one :wink:
I like your one more :wink: Please make a movie !! I dont have time for one ;-(

hmm…and I was just about to make a conversion of the Lightwave model…(Another VERY good one, I think it was 700,000 polys all told, VERY detailed).

yours looks AWSOME. good work! now…have fun with the animation sequence. :wink:

Nice job. I’ve seen several attempts at this, and yours holds up very well. Also, vote #3 for Are the chevrons modelled or mapped? I’m voting that they were modelled.

Awesome, I like it alot.

Can’t wait for the whole room. Keep it up!

wow… i love it… nice details, too.
Link to my Stargate un-opened.
Link to me Stargate opened.

I prolly should of made my own thread instead of using someone elses thread to post it all that time ago :stuck_out_tongue: oh wells.

I like… I especially like how you did the Chevrons!!!
Either I never textured mine, or I’m too stupid to get them to work right
I’m too lazy to figure which.

Now for the bad news… sry bout this but I hafta tell you…
The chevrons… wrong… here’s a link to an image with all the chevrons in order.
Use it well… I have!!

Keep it up!! I hafta see how you get the “water” effect.
ooh, ooh and try and get an “opening” effect!! I’ve never been able to figure that bugger out.


Thanks for all the comments and crits! :smiley:
The Chevrons are geometry, no cheap nor maps.
I converted a SG font into Blender and typed away, gave it bevel, extrusion, mesh conversion etc… Quite simple actually. :slight_smile:

The chevrons spin like a wheel, it can be in any order to open up the right portal.
Nice Gate and command room by the way, although not entirly accurate.

Here is a simple test I produced last night of the gate effect. Really quick though, still lots that could be done. It was just experimental really. :slight_smile:


WOW! Portal effect is very nice. Could be less shiny/reflective, but that is it.

Great stuff.


not entirely accurate? depends on which yer going by. TV or Movie?

Both gate room are a bit different… mine is being modelled after the television series.

Now you’re all getting me interested in modelling a stargate, though I still don’t really know what I’d use it for, other than a render or two…

Nice idea on using a stargate font to make the gate chevrons.

And a good way to explain the chevrons not matching the stargate would be perhaps it’s not the “earth” stargate, like an offworld one. Obviously if you have a stargate on a different world, since the constellations would be completely foreign, the gate symbols should theoretically be also completely different. Unless all the stargates were made just like the earth one, but that wouldn’t make too much sense… One thing I never made sense of in the tv series, how are they always so easily and effortlessly “dialing home”? Did they get a hold of some universal stargate address book? Maybe I missed that episode… I dunno, guess I don’t watch the series too much.

heh, I had this idea a wile ago. modelled the gate, but left the project anyway :slight_smile:
nothing worth showing :wink:

looks awesome, great detail. can’t wait to see the room


ps. Big stargate fan here <----------