Not entirely accurate!!! It just hit!! Now I’m mad!! How on Earth can you say mine isn’t entirely accurate? Your s doesn’t even have the proper Chevrons in the proper order!!
Sure other stargates would have different chevrons… but the ones from the movie will HAVE THESE!!! If your going for accurate then do it accurately… else bite me!!

gr8hamster i think natron is right with his remark. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but somethign that makes you strait away think of the stargate room, and Natron acheived this well, lay of him dude he rocks and he did a great job with the stagate room. Yours is also great but i think Natron put a lot of effort into this, more so then any of us could to make it as true to the show as possible. =)

Also the ppl on the movie set would have had months to work on CG gate etc. natron did this in a few days. I think he deserves 5 ztonzy’s =D

:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

*Natron bites Gr8hamster :smiley:
Dude, chill. I’m sorry if my comment hit you wrong, you have a great Stargate and room. I was only suggeting, some of the geometry is a bit un-proportioned\modeled unacuratly, which is no big deal.
As for the Chevrons, there is no “proper order”. They can be in any order to open up the right portal. Sure I might not have the exact Chevrons from the movie, but who cares. No one sits and studies those things. :stuck_out_tongue:


Accuracy is great, and Natron’s employed a hell of a lot of that in this, but overall accuracy isn’t the largest fish… Making something look realistic is better than the highest accuracy in the world!

Either way, I personally think Natron’s done a great job in both the accuracy and the realistic aspect, and gr8hamster, unless you’ve made a piece of such high quality and which took Natron 30 minutes to render, then you can only give him constructive criticism, and you shouldn’t be starting a flame fest.

dude, that is awesome! Seeing amazing work like that is what made me decide to get more involved in 3D modelling.

Im a big fan o stargate and would love to try my hand at one as well. Jus out of interest, any ideas on how you’d go about making the “kerwoosh” effect anyone? I’ve ben trying to make somthing like it but it looks really bad. I usd the new forcefield thingy in the new version of blender to try and get it to go back in again, but it dont look like it should, (then again i am a newb and shouldnt really be trying stuff like that).
Any ideas on how to do it?

Don’t bring up old topics :< :< :< :< :<

Quite astounding indeed, I could only see the images through his gallery but the effects and detail is incredible.