Yep, you read right. I’m finally calling it done. It feels a bit odd to post a model as a finished project, but my heart and soul has gone into this thing for the last year or so. I have learned so much from modeling it. The funny thing is that if I had to do it all over again now, most of it would probably only take me a week or so.:smiley:

As promised, here is the model.

stargate.blend 30 MB
(Right click, save as.)

You can also find it on

I only ask that I get credit for the model, and I would be thrilled to see any projects you use it for.:slight_smile: Materials aren’t all that great, so look at it as a model with no mats, aight?:wink:

[Edit] I just bought my own web hosting service, so now you don’t have to deal with Megaupload. Sorry, there’s really no material on the iris in this render. :frowning:

Front/back AO Warning: Large image, 3000 x 1500.

[Edit2] There seems to be some demand for the OBJ version of this model, so I decided to make a torrent for it since it is close to 140 MB. I’ll be seeding it for the next couple of days or so. stargateobj.torrent (Again: right click, save as.)

The OBJ is offered as is, with no guarantees. What Blender’s OBJ exporter spat out is what you get.


I think that’s the most detailed Blender model I’ve seen yet. I would comment further but I’m at a loss for words.

Credit where credit it’s due: awesome piece.

That’s a lovely model!
I’ll have to check out the .blend file tomorrow. :smiley:
I really like non-organic models with lots of little extrusions, cuts, and other small details.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the model looks like it has more than a billion tris.

five starios from me, mate, five stars from me! :slight_smile:

5 stars indeed. Superb detail!
what’s up next?

My god, the longest WIP this forum has ever seen is finally at an end, and its awsome.

5 Stars.

Walk cycle with Mancandy!:smiley: I’m taking a break from serious modeling now to develop some animation skills.

[Edit] @Mpan3: I’m not sure of the tris, but quads and tris together count 1,169,355.

Great work man. Hehehe, I’m gonna have to wait till I’ve built my new pc before I can open that blend file - Blender dies on this laptop when I try go out of wireframe. What gfx card you using to work on that?

Also is that model animatable?

Depends on how hood your computer is, lol.

Very nice!!! Detailed but accurate modelling, you really did a great job.

wow. I am amazed. I have kinda stood by the WIP because it was the only rated thread in that section. 5 stars. I’ll be glad to put that in one of my animations I am working on. like, a cameo or something because that is probably one of the most detailed objects I have ever seen.

Yep, I modeled it with animation in mind.:yes: Each chevron has multiple lights that are controlled by a slider on layer 20, and the iris also has a control slider. That way all you have to do is keyframe how on or off the lights are, and how open or shut the iris is. Chevron 7 is the only one that moves in dial sequences, and that only straight up and down, so it didn’t get a slider. Neither did the symbol ring, but animating that is just simple rotation IPOs.

My gfx card is Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT AGP 8x. Not the greatest, but I can rotate the model fairly smoothly in solid mode.

As I said be fore, great work! Does it include the wormhole? I’ll have more to comment on tomorrow when I download it.

I think I will provide the wormhole and event horizon later as separate files. Thanks for reminding me.:slight_smile:

Ha, You were working on this when I first joined(as my last screen-name too, like a year and a half ago), its fantastic you’ve finished it. Truly amazing.

5 stars

Awesome, man, just freaking awesome. Belongs on a 3D magazine cover somewhere. Five stars.

Wow, that mesh is awsome, the amount of detail put into that is incredible!
Very nicely done :D!
5 stars :yes:

Wow, thanks!:o

So, after all this time you finally finished the model. Just awesome work, the detailing is just superb.

A beautiful model! So detailed that even my system crawls to crash opening that blend file! :yes: