(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #1

Yep, you read right. I’m finally calling it done. It feels a bit odd to post a model as a finished project, but my heart and soul has gone into this thing for the last year or so. I have learned so much from modeling it. The funny thing is that if I had to do it all over again now, most of it would probably only take me a week or so.:smiley:

As promised, here is the model.

stargate.blend 30 MB
(Right click, save as.)

You can also find it on

I only ask that I get credit for the model, and I would be thrilled to see any projects you use it for.:slight_smile: Materials aren’t all that great, so look at it as a model with no mats, aight?:wink:

[Edit] I just bought my own web hosting service, so now you don’t have to deal with Megaupload. Sorry, there’s really no material on the iris in this render. :frowning:

Front/back AO Warning: Large image, 3000 x 1500.

[Edit2] There seems to be some demand for the OBJ version of this model, so I decided to make a torrent for it since it is close to 140 MB. I’ll be seeding it for the next couple of days or so. stargateobj.torrent (Again: right click, save as.)

The OBJ is offered as is, with no guarantees. What Blender’s OBJ exporter spat out is what you get.

(CubOfJudahsLion) #2


I think that’s the most detailed Blender model I’ve seen yet. I would comment further but I’m at a loss for words.

Credit where credit it’s due: awesome piece.

(SergeantOreo) #3

That’s a lovely model!
I’ll have to check out the .blend file tomorrow. :smiley:
I really like non-organic models with lots of little extrusions, cuts, and other small details.

(mpan3) #4

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the model looks like it has more than a billion tris.

(Felix Kütt) #5

five starios from me, mate, five stars from me! :slight_smile:

(snelleeddy) #6

5 stars indeed. Superb detail!
what’s up next?

(TheANIMAL) #7

My god, the longest WIP this forum has ever seen is finally at an end, and its awsome.

5 Stars.

(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #8

Walk cycle with Mancandy!:smiley: I’m taking a break from serious modeling now to develop some animation skills.

[Edit] @Mpan3: I’m not sure of the tris, but quads and tris together count 1,169,355.

(Dan) #9

Great work man. Hehehe, I’m gonna have to wait till I’ve built my new pc before I can open that blend file - Blender dies on this laptop when I try go out of wireframe. What gfx card you using to work on that?

Also is that model animatable?

(Leichim) #10

Depends on how hood your computer is, lol.

Very nice!!! Detailed but accurate modelling, you really did a great job.

(watchthis) #11

wow. I am amazed. I have kinda stood by the WIP because it was the only rated thread in that section. 5 stars. I’ll be glad to put that in one of my animations I am working on. like, a cameo or something because that is probably one of the most detailed objects I have ever seen.

(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #12

Yep, I modeled it with animation in mind.:yes: Each chevron has multiple lights that are controlled by a slider on layer 20, and the iris also has a control slider. That way all you have to do is keyframe how on or off the lights are, and how open or shut the iris is. Chevron 7 is the only one that moves in dial sequences, and that only straight up and down, so it didn’t get a slider. Neither did the symbol ring, but animating that is just simple rotation IPOs.

My gfx card is Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT AGP 8x. Not the greatest, but I can rotate the model fairly smoothly in solid mode.

(captainkirk) #13

As I said be fore, great work! Does it include the wormhole? I’ll have more to comment on tomorrow when I download it.

(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #14

I think I will provide the wormhole and event horizon later as separate files. Thanks for reminding me.:slight_smile:

(free_ality) #15

Ha, You were working on this when I first joined(as my last screen-name too, like a year and a half ago), its fantastic you’ve finished it. Truly amazing.

5 stars

(Orinoco) #16

Awesome, man, just freaking awesome. Belongs on a 3D magazine cover somewhere. Five stars.

(otto riis) #17

Wow, that mesh is awsome, the amount of detail put into that is incredible!
Very nicely done :D!
5 stars :yes:

(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #18

Wow, thanks!:o

(Hippie) #19

So, after all this time you finally finished the model. Just awesome work, the detailing is just superb.

(ZapperJet) #20

A beautiful model! So detailed that even my system crawls to crash opening that blend file! :yes: