Hmm, going by your sig, it should work.

My machine:
3.2 Ghz P4 (HT)
GeForce 7600 GT 256mb
2 GB DDR2-533

Overall, you actually have a better rig than I do.

Very good work - I was able to open it on my laptop, but to render I had to turn off the AO. Very detailed, congratulations on the model and the resource is valuable on many levels!
Tank you very much!

To quote my favorite comedian, Russel Peters, “It is mind blasting! Not mind blowing… mind blasting!”.

My jaw just dropped to the floor. I followed your WIP thread like a hawk and I never saw the iris until now. Your hard work and attention to detail shows through this intricate model and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

And you have provided a blend file; what more could anyone ask for. I will be studying it closely. Thank you, thank you, thank you… … … thank you :smiley:

Now give yourself 2 pats on the back and I’ll give you 5 stars although you deserve 20 for this one :yes:

My graphics card doesn’t have much OpenGL acceleration to begin with (I don’t know why). But your model is detailed enough to bring it to a halt anyway (that’s a compliment, btw).

Anyways, good work.


This is one massive piece of work and a great advert for what can be achieved with Blender. I have just been back through your work in progress, 469 posts over 16 months. The key to progressing and learning anything is to be persistent and keep at it and you have persistence by the sack load.

You should take the best bits from your work in progress and make a 4 or 5 page article. It would be a great inspiration to new users.


Is there something wrong with the link? I tried to download it last night and it didn’t work.

Just a quick question: Which is better, bigger or smaller ripples?

[Edit] Sorry, I don’t seem to be able to delete the polorix hosted pics from this post. Mods?

My gut reaction is the one on the left with the bigger ripples looks better.

The one on the left looks better,imo.
Of course, when this page was loading, I thought it read “nipples” so I scrolled quickly, and was dissappointed. :slight_smile:

I like the one on the right. It looks more like the one in the actual show. I’d also make the light in the middle brighter.

Really great model though. Can we see some wireframes? I’d like to see how you did all the little recessed details on the gate.

The one on the right is better in my opinion.

Thanks for the input, I’ll animate both to see which looks better.

Yeah, smaller looks more like the show, 'cuz the spec on the right looks a little too soft(a side-effect of the ripple’s size, no doubt)

I wonder how you would do the sideways flush… hmmmm… :confused:

Oh, it takes skill man…

It takes skill.

That is simply beautiful LOTR dude like OMG … I cant wait for the animation…and thanks for posting the model. Its just WOW!

Very nice, a great topic (Stargate), a lovely super-high-poly model. I’m gonna try it with the variable transparency shader. Thanks.

Cool, you finally finished!

I never really finished mine, I gave up. Congradulations on moddeling it!

What was the hardest/longest part of it? The hand-boolean?

Needs textures. I think the hardest part of the textureing will be to get the Event Horizon to have the bright spot in the middle despite the camera angle. Good luck with it!

Oh heck yes…:spin: The event horizon is easy because you just render it from front view and map the video to a shadeless filled in circle in the gate, you don’t have to worry about the highlight. And yes, I hate the materials on the gate, but they’re the best I can do right now.

Waa, I lost my 5th star…:frowning: Oh well, 4 is nothing to sneeze at.:slight_smile:

Hey, I gave you 5 stars, so it isn’t my fault.

I found a script called MegaBool that is now faster and better than Blender’s internal booleans. Might be worth checking out, perhaps it will be faster.

You had textures before, didn’t you?