Starling Class Fighter

Hey thanks, i really mean what i am about to say…

i am really glad that this got thorough to somebody…youve made my day :smiley:

This starling thing is a really nice concept. It is a thankfull difference to all those typical wing-based spaceships you usually see in cg (besides the new one which right now decorates the forum header).

Wings in space are like … hmmm … like wheels for a submarine. So you took the small wing things and placed them quite differently on the outside of the spaceship. Guess they have a different meaning and usage then just being there for aerodynamics…

Some small crits:

  • The support structure, especially the hydraulics stuff at the wings, look a bit odd scaled. They are too big and look to much vulnerable.
  • The fiery outburst at the back of the ship looks like coming directly out of a lighter
  • Use the WIP-Forum until your job is done. Then, after finishing it, publish it here.

Yt, Gunnar

yep gunnahstarl…maybe the hydrolics look a bit out of scale but hey, it still looks kinda cool right?

and yep the feirey outburst is mental! that would be the result of some of the most powerful engines in comparson to size of craft engines you can get
and finally…i know i should have posted only the last image up here, but veriety is good right?
thanks for the crits…

Do those 4 stars belong to me!!! WHOA! i got stars! thanks guys!!! :smiley:

you deserve them…if some of your art is not top notch the others coughsigilscough make up for it big time! good job!

wow, those sigils must be pretty popular…blimey

I dunno very much and there’s no way I could do anything near to that buuuut… I think that the first image looked better. The second one was just 3 ships not very much variety. I have no idea how but just make the particles in the purple missile tails and the fire from the ships a little more realistic. Maybe, shine the missiles up a bit. Other than that it looks as good if not better than star wars!:yes:
I would give you five stars but I don’t know how. I just signed up for blenderartists. LOL:spin:
Figured it out