"Starry Night" in local DE newspaper

Imagine my surprise when I opened up last week’s local newspaper (the Brandywine Community News, which is a local North Wilmington, Delaware newspaper) and saw a print of “Starry Night” by Mathias Pedersen used in an ad!

I didn’t get a chance to scan in the ad, but it was an ad for the Digital Arts Academy which is offering some classes/courses at the Center for Creative Arts in North Delaware. Their website here also shows “Starry Night.” The brochure for the camp mentions that the image was made in Blender and has a screenshot of a blender screen for their 3D class. It doesn’t mention which programs are taught in the classes specifically, but there is mention of providing kids with software/freeware to take home, so would probably be a good bet.

Pretty Cool! I’d be interested if any of the instructors are active here?