Stars are crashing blender!!

(banana_sock) #1

i have a fairly complicated scene, and i went to add stars to the background. I created a new world, turned stars on, but whenever i try to do a render, it just stops working and never even renders a part of the scene. It even happens when i render a blank layer, but on a new blend file it works fine. Know of the problem?

(S68) #2

Yes and No

I sometimes get complains ‘too many stars’

THis happens if your Camera ClipEnd is very far away. Stars
are generated by randomly placing vertexes from MinDist to Camera ClipEnd!!! And these stars have a reciprocal distance of StarDist, so it is pretty easy to exceede Blender capabilities.

But It never crashed, for me


(banana_sock) #3

maybe i should reduce it from 5000…
never thought that could be the problem. I just set it that far to see everything, but im sure i can reduce it quite a bit with no problems.

(S68) #4

You can leave it 5000, but you must set MinDist to at least 4500 and StarDist to 100 or more :slight_smile: