Stars by texture

I’m making a space scene, but blender generated stars don’t look pretty though. I want to use a star map texture, but where can I put them? I tried the world texture, but could not find the correct setting. the star map is supposed to be sphere mapped to a infinitely big sphere around the camera, i.e. only the direction counts, the camera is always at center.

BTW, another question, for those who had made an earth with blender: which shader should I use for the earth? the specular area is too shiny. :frowning:

Well, add an UV sphere, make its radius 10-20 times bigger than your scene, apply the texture. It is not infinity but it is a good approximation.

For earth, drop Spec slider down to 0 :slight_smile:


Not sure if anyone remembers this program, but there’s a freeware starfield/nebulae generator out there for windows call Starbits.

You might find it useful for creating a realistic starfield.

Hey that’s a cool little program, thanks for the link. Took a while to find one that wasn’t broken though.

Just wish blender had something like shaderlab in truespace, it has good starfield procedural textures with a fair amout of tweaks. Wish blenders internal stars at least had more tweaks. :frowning: