stars in realtime?

is there any way to have stars (the world option) in the game engine?

no, i dont think so sorry :frowning:

didnt someone make a script? to generate stars , they made a little demo and its in space…wait J didnt you do something simular?

you can make stars in other ways yes, but not in the world option

Just a simple skycube, or a background scene.

maybe in Tuhopuu2 BGL modul have particle effect
that use in GameEngine!?
i dont know how work just an idea…

I think someone did a script for particles in the game engine before, though I don’t know where you could get it.

kansas if u read the other posts i already posted that.
NOR.J: ok kewl, but u have havnt you :D, trust he’s a robot! :stuck_out_tongue:

ive never done a skycube before, how do i do one?

Just make a giant cube and apply a sky texture to it, and make sure the normals point inward.