stars rush

I’m trying to make a short animation with spaceships. Because it is in space I use stars in the world settings. The camera flies slowly through the stars but in the rendered animation the stars rush over the images. I don’t get what’s wrong. Any ideas?

Well, CorMega, Stars are funny buggers ('scuse my Australian!)

They’re generated by an algorithm to fill a shell shaped volume. By a shell, I mean the volume bounded by two different sized, concentric spheres.

The radius of the inner sphere (or start of the stars) is controled by the “MinDist” parameter in the star buttons. The raduis of the outer sphere is the clipping end of the camera itself.

The algorithm generates the location of the stars stars within this volume using two parameters; the distance the stars are apart from each other and the global location of the camera

What does it all mean? If you move the camera, you will see stars move with a parallax effect (Closer will move faster than those far away)

If you want to move the camera without the stars moving I suggest you use a starfield image and map it either to the world as a texture, or make a giant sphere just a little smaller then the camera’s clipping and use a starfield texture on it.

Plan B could be to make the clipping and the MinDist values substansially large and make the camera movements small, but this could slow down rendering time.

Have a play and see what works best.