I am looking to put a star background into my scene; the stars in the world shading are not the effect I’m looking for-- they are hardly realistic, and fly by more like glowing particles. What I want is realistic stars that stay stationary in the scene, but move visibly as the view changes, like real stars. I have attempted to use an image background, and have been able to get it to work in most situations by setting it to global coordinates, real and paper as a texture in the world shading area. However, if the camera has under 1 degree rotation on any of the axis, the stars just turn into horizontal lines running across the screen, which is relatively problematic. How would I go about fixing this?

Rotate the whole scene including the camera through180 degrees on each axis (so you’ll rarely have to have it at under 1 degree), then if you need to rotate the camera to the point where it would be under 1 degree on an axis, just rotate the scene around it instead.
It’s complicated, but it’s all I can think of to solve this problem, hope it helps:)

Crusader Alpha,

The link below has a nebula tutorial that be of some help.

Best of Luck!

Thanks guys; I think I’ll give rotating the scene a go. I’m not sure how I could do this and keep my IPO curves though… any ideas?

The other way I’ve found is to use a large sphere to apply the texture to instead of the background, but it has to be pretty large to work, and slows render time a little the larger it gets.

Right select your camera press F9
Change Camera
Lens 25
Start 0
End 1000

World Settings
Stars On
Warningleave StarDist 15+* or you will need heaps of ram 1gig+
set MinDist 400 (minimum distance from stars to the camera)
set Size .500

Build a “Star Field” prop!
1.Add Sphere 32x32
2.Shift d (duplicate it), than r (rotate it randomly) i.e. r y 150, r x 80, r z 210.
3.Right Shift Select both spheres, Ctrl j (join them)
4.Tab (edit mode), A (deselect all), make sure your in Vertice Select Mode, select menu, Random…, 50%, delete vertices.
5.Repeat above 5x from step 2
6.Repeat above 5x not step 1,4,5

Make Star Material
i.e. Halo, Size 10.0, Hard 127, Add 1.0, Lines,Star,Alpha .500

F9 Make sure the camera clipping is set to End 5000, Lens 25
Alt + numpad 0 (camer view)
Scale the sphere(star field) just before the end of camera clipping distance
i.e right select (star field) sphere, n(numeric input) make sure DIM:x,y,z = 9500

You could also add other spheres, Scale to size, add different HALO materials with different size flares, different colours etc.